Monday, December 28, 2009

No Change With Osi

You can call Osi Umenyiora overrated all you want. And you can go on and on about how ineffective he was this year.

But as far as Tom Coughlin is concerned, the defensive end isn't going anywhere.

One day after Umenyiora said he might have played his last game as a Giants, Coughlin offered up a vote of support. He said Umenyiora was part of the meeting the coach had with his 10-member "leadership council" but did not speak to him privately about his comments.

"I'm familiar with what he said," Coughlin said, chalking up Umenyiora's sentiments to frustration. "He's very much in our plans. I'll just tell you he's a very important asset to our team."

He wasn't yesterday. Because of his demotion to strictly pass-rush situations, Umenyiora played only about 14 snaps or so and did not have a statistic. That's no tackles, no sacks, no pressures. Niente!

The Panthers did run 46 times, a fact Coughlin used to explain Umenyiora's absence. But then, Umenyiora was invisible a lot this year, even before he lost his starting job to Mathias Kiwanuka. Still coming off last year's knee surgery, Umenyiora was your basic non-factor against the run and only a sometime visitor to the backfield on passing downs.

He is signed through 2012, and fairly cheaply at that. So one can assume he will be sticking around, and also bet he'll not be getting that lucrative extension he's been after until he proves he can at least approach his Pro Bowl level of 2007.

Whether he ever assumes a starting role again is another story.

"We'll try to evaluate all those things," Coughlin said. "He's a very good football player. How all those things fit together, I'm not going to go into that right now. He's a very good football player. Always has been. Great pride. Does an exceptional job getting after the passer."

Maybe in other seasons. Not this one. But Coughlin can be excused. He needs Umenyiora for another game, so trashing him wouldn't make any sense.

I think he sticks. He'll be healthier, which means he should at least return to being a forceful pass rusher. And what team couldn't use a 28-year-old sacker?

Do you guys want to see him around next year?



  1. You know in a wierd way I liked how Osi reacted last night. He was upset and frustrated. I think you chalk it up to that.

    Osi hasn't had a good year but who has on D? He comes back next year. You would be dumb not too. Even if he is a situational player going forward he is still impactful. The Giants rotate anyways so what's the big deal.

    Chris B.

  2. After Minnesota it will probably be revealed he played injured all year or at least the last half. (Just like every other year, at the end of the season you find out certain guys played hurt most games). He will take the off-season to get healthy and back in 2007 form.

    Although, you have to ask yourself was the reason that 2007 was a good year because teams double-teamed Stahan leaving Osi with a single man on him? In 2008, teams double-teamed Osi leaving Tuck free. So, is Osi really as good as everyone thinks and was 2009 the year he got exposed??

  3. Hey 2008, Osi did not play.

    Osi has to come back next year; definitely chalk those comments up to frsutration. This is an instances where a healthy offseason and a new position coordinator will rejuvinate him.

  4. Trade bait!! Smart move Tom! Osi might have some value at 3 a year for two years because the front office is sick of this meaker. See u later pretty boy! I will not miss this guys yapping.

  5. I really think we should keep Osi. For god's sake he was coming off knee surgery and most take a year! Look at Brady, who has not really played up to his past standards as well.

    He's 28 talented and coming off a bum year having been out of football a year! Give the guy a break. He'll be back next year and I know he'll be ready to break some quarterback heads next year!

  6. Well, you definitely don't cut him. But I wouldn't lose any sleep if Reese swung a deal. The guy is injury prone and can't stop the run. Neither quality is desirable on the DL. Are their any AFC teams with an excess of LBs or DBs and need a rusher? Jerry should definitely keep his phone lines open, but he shouldn't put the guy on the dollar menu. Good trade - go for it. If not, see what happens next season - until he gets hurt again, that is.

  7. Keep him....You have to assume some knee injury effect. There was no bull rushing by him at all. In fact, can you think of case where we got a sack on a bull rush? No...

    A healthier Tuck and Osi will help. To be honest though... I am a little disappointed by Kiwi. Just a little. He was healthy and did not have many sacks.

    Here is a crazy idea...What about going to a 3-4 and having tuck and osi as OLBS?