Sunday, December 20, 2009

Forget It

Forget about the Eagles coming back to the Giants. They clinched a playoff berth today with a win over the 49ers. But the Packers did lose, though they remain a game and a half ahead of the Giants in the wildcard race.

The only realistic playoff scenario for the Giants now involves the Giants winning two of their last three games the Cowboys losing their remaining two games against Washington and Philadelphia. The other less-likely scenario is the Giants winning out and the Cowboys losing one of those games.

Green Bay would enter the picture only if the Giants win their final three and the Packers lose one, in which case the Giants could make it on the common opponents tiebreaker. Not very likley.

The pressure at FedEx Field tomorrow night should feel something like the center of a steel mill furnace.



  1. The Eagles, as much as I hate to say it, are a playoff calibre team. They proved that this year in spades.

    The Giants.....not so much. However, the story's not over. If this bandaid of a defense can hold over the final games of the season we have a chance. How likely is that....not very, but hey it's all we got. Too bad we couldn't play the Cowboys every week!

    Chris B.

  2. I was hoping for a postseason for the Giants but now it doesn't seem likely. I don't know if the Eagles or Dallas are true caliber playoff teams...none have played with any true consistency or domincance this season but they are better than the Giants. So much for the once dominant NFC East. I hope, like the above comment, that the Gint's can pull their defense together but while my heart says "yes they can", my brain is saying "not this year".

    If they don't make it, some changes need to be made starting with a new approach to the defense. But I look forward to our receivers really improving next year, for they look awfully exciting...barring injuries off course.

    But anything can happen so I really hope the Giants make it!

  3. What makes it all the worse is Washington is playing it's best ball of the season. We get to get them while they're hot. Pray their kicker blows the game for them again.

  4. they are playing on Monday Night Football, in front of the whole football-watching nation. That seems to doom the Giants VERY often. I would appreciate it if they would live up to that early season potential tonight! Let's see how much pride they have left. Missing players and all.

  5. This team is so not playoff ready or worthy. Coupled with the injuries and the mental errors, the best scenario would be to focus on next year and not try to get a one and done playoff appearance.

  6. I agree with Improvian, although I wouldn't mind seeing the Giants knock the Cowboys out of the playoffs. But i agree - they will most likely be one and done if they get in. At this point, i just want to see them finish strong, win or lose.

  7. redskins, playing well right now
    Carolina, looked pretty tought last night
    Minnesota, may sneak in for home field throughout.

  8. This roster had enough players to be considered a playoff team. Although, the secondary was banged up from Day 1 this team with proper coaching should have been able to piece it together. The players are at fault but I think the players lost faith in their coaching staff. There has been a disconnect with Sheridan since Osi left training camp for a day. the schemes have been horrendous with the Giants mainly leaving the middle of the field fopen or every tight end & receiver in the league to have All-Pro stats weekly. They do not tackle well, and even more alarming do not rush the passer. The big question mark going in was how would the young WR's fare? That turned out to be the best part of the offense. Go figure. After 13 games we still have not had a back rush for 100 yards or do we try to get our Tight End more involved in the offense.

    So Ernie, in your honest opinion do you feel Coughlin deserves to be fired if they miss out on the playoffs? I'm sure Sheridan will be let go, but I think TC does not deserve to pick another coordinator. He lucked out with Spags, but his choices of Tim Lewis, John Huffnagel, Kevin Gilbride & Sheridan have been sub par.

  9. agree with Mitch about the choices and the lack of conviction from the players.
    The giants defense lacks playmakers, we all love Tuck but honestly he's not an elite player. he's very very good, but not elite. We have no game changers on either side of the ball.

    This is the fault of the GM and not the coaching staff.