Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Question

A lot of people here want to see Bill Sheridan fired as the Giants' defensive coordinator. Fair enough. Certainly a look at the statistics would warrant such a move.

What I want to know is, who would you put in as his replacement. Let's assume he sticks through the season, as Tom Coughlin said he would. Then, in the offseason, Coughlin either makes the move himself or is ordered to by the powers above.

Who would you like to see come in? Give me a name, and give me a reason. And let's try to make them realistic names -- coaches who actually might be free to take that job. Or, if you believe Sheridan should keep his job, say that as well and give me a reason.

If your theory comes true, I'll take you out to dinner -- on Jerry Reese's tab.



  1. Dick Juaron (after Spags who has a tenuous grip on his job so I will exclude him)-- Dick Juaron who wants to be a head coach again is a great coordinator and knows the GMEN have talent to possibly get himself more looks. I think he will fit in great with the organization as he is a classy guy and knows x's and o's Names I don't want to hear are 1. Wade Phillips 2. Dave Campo who some around here think is smart, lol 3. Peter Guinta, he does coach the worst defensive group on the Giants.

  2. Gogolack writes;

    Assuming nothing else in the league changes:
    -Jim Haslett
    -Dave Campo
    -Dick Jauron
    -Al Groh

    If John Fox is let go in Carolina, then bring him back in an instant

  3. I think if John Fox is fired in Carolina he would be a perfect fit he was here previously and did a great job. I don't know if he has a relationship with Tom Coughlin or not.

  4. John Fox would probably be the wise choice. But, I think Sean McDermott, who is the Eagles' DC now would be a great choice. He was Spag's 1st choice to go to St. Louis with him but Philly nixed it. He is from the Jim Johnson coaching tree and the Giants would have to give him a promotion to make this happen so I would think Assist Head Coach/DC would work. I was on record for doing that very thing to keep Spags here but the Giants did not want to stand in his way. Wow...did that ever work out badly for us!

  5. Dave Campo ahahhaahahhaha, might as well bring back Tim Lewis.

  6. mangini will be looking for a new job but i dont think we have a nt to play the 3-4

  7. I do not believe we have a whole DLine capable of 3-4. Well, maybe Canty, since he was on one in Dallas. I don't think we should switch from a 4-3. I really don't know how Fox would get along with Coughlin, plus would be a significant demotion for Fox, with a decent overall HC record. Please don't give me a Belicheck disciple. I like the idea of McDermott, but would be pretty hard to pry from Eagles. Giunta did win a super bowl as a d-coord. Fire Sheridan now and give him a shot.

  8. I don't know who I would want but are people seriously clamoring for McDermott? Have you seen his defense play? They did give up 38 points to the Giants.

    How is he any better than Sheridan? And to get him you're willing to make him an Assistant Head Coach? On what grounds? That he coached under Jim Johnson?

  9. What's the deal with Al Groh?? I know he is pretty close to Coughlin and all but what's up with him getting fired from Virgina?

  10. My reasonable answer is Dick Jaron. Buffalo may have stunk it up, but the D was always solid and he's proven to be a great defensive mind. It also helps that he has a relationship with TC. My biggest issue with Sheridan in the first place is the whole "promote from within" mentality. Fine for a losing or 8-8 team, but we have the tools of a great D that dominated for 2 years under Spags. So you take the keys to the Ferrari and hand them to a kid instead of an Indy driver. What I mean is, we should have sought out D.C. experience in the first place.

    My more ambitious and reach move would be Romeo Crennel. He's got the fire to get these guys pumped and bring back the swagger. I also wouldn't mind seeing a D.C. bring us the 3-4. I know that sounds silly, especially since we're really built for the 4-3 (or 5-1-5 which has disappeared), but I've see teams who switch to a 3-4 have way too much success (Denver and Green Bay) to not consider it. Canty, Tuck and Cofield/Alford (or draft a NT) up front and Osi/Sintim-Pierce-Boley-Kiwi in the LB.

    ....Hey I said I was reaching. = P

  11. Right now i think anyone would be better than Sheridan. IF the defense doesn't pick up in the last few games and TC doesn't make a change in the offseaeson, I am gonna cancel my tickets. Even if it's not Sheridans fault, he still stood at the helm at the biggest disappointment in recent history and for that alone he needs to go.
    Some names to replace him. I agree Dick Jauron is one person that is available. If we could convince Mike Nolan to leave the Broncos and come back to the Giants , that would be my pick. (Or give Roman Phipher a shot, I liked him on the giants.) I'm surprised no one brought up Dom Capers with his ties to TC that would make a lot of sense. Lastly, maybe we could convince Gregg Blache to leave the redskins. His defenses always play hard and the situation in Washington is terrible.
    Whatever, ANYTHING is better that watching this garbage.

  12. frtzbillva@yahoo.comDecember 16, 2009 11:52 PM

    will rob ryan be available? his units with raiders and browns were only decent part of those teams. still fired up and playin hard aven when all hope is lost. he clearly can motivate people and has the pedigree

  13. This is the longest of long shots, but maybe Reece should have a conversation with Pierce. Explain it's time to think about his future and to put away his past. An aging LB with an injury that most likely would not make the Giants next year (Hello Detroit or KC!) with a once in a lifetime chance to jump right into a Coordinator position. Pierce would be nuts to not at least consider it. He's well liked, he called the D signals on the field for years, and it turns a LB liability into a possible DC asset. Could he do worse than Sheridan? I know it's Lotto-esque odds that it would work out, but has there ever been a better time to roll the dice? If Pierce is hesitant, have him call Toomer and ask Amani how well leaving NY worked out for him. If Pierce refuses, Jauron, Haslett or Crennel - in that order.

  14. If Tom doesn't pick from within (Gunta) he will probably go for someone he knows personally and that w/b Dick Jaron who was Tom's D.C. in Jacksonville. I can see this hire since he's worked with him before. I don't know if this is the best guy out there but it would be an upgrade over B.S.

  15. 1) NO ONE from the current coaching staff. They all have a hand in this disaster. And Guinta; he's responsible for the safeties;enough said.
    2) John Fox far and away, but he won't need a job that badly. It's not like he was a Bill Arnsbarger or Ray Handley HC.
    3) Mike Nolan.
    4) Me. I couldn't do any worse than the current joke. And besides, I always wanted to wear a headset and be on TV.

  16. First I think the Giants should wait till the end of the season before they make a decision on Sheridan. He's had to deal with a lot of key injuries to a lot of players. But assuming he's fired here's some coaches I would consider:

    Ron Rivera currently with the SD Chargers. He did a wonderful job with the Bears before he was inexplicably fired and he's doing a good job with the Chargers.

    Dick Jauron. He was the former DC for Tom Coughlin in Jacksonville.

    Wade Phillips (assuming he's fired from Dallas) he's had success as a DC and his knowledge of the Cowboys and NFC East would come in handy.

  17. Why not Carl Banks....with AP as LB coach?