Thursday, April 22, 2010

And Some Analysis

Keep in mind the kid's a good physical specimen. Six-foot-5, 270. Had 6 1/2 sacks last year, but double-digits the two previous seasons, but those were at two junior colleges.

Pass rush: Lined up on both sides of the defensive line (and stood up as an outside linebacker) and has the length, effort and closing speed to be a very good pass rusher. Has the height, length and excellent vertical jump to clog passing lanes. Gets to the pocket in a hurry against most tackles, but struggles to turn the corner against better linemen because of a lack of flexibility. Flashes ability to beat tight ends with quickness but is not consistent. Very raw in his pass-rush technique -- only capable of going outside and can bull rush effectively against lesser competition. Does not get off blocks to offer a secondary rush. Dances on the edge, even when running backs meet him to chip. Not effective on twists.Run defense: Only fair change-of-direction agility for his size; he ends up on the ground too often when ballcarriers elude him. Uses his length and good effort to grab running backs coming through the hole if not engaged. Hustles to plays run away from him or downfield when fresh, but isn't fast enough to chase down running backs or mobile quarterbacks from behind. Does not know how to use his hands to get off blocks from tackles or tight ends. Often on the sideline in short-yardage situations because can't get low or stand his ground against strong tackles.

Explosion: Explodes out of his stance when rushing the passer out of a three-point stance, especially if the quarterback does not change up the snap count. Little pop into his man's jersey playing against the run game and typically was dominated by NFL-caliber tackles.

Strength: Lacks functional strength to hold up against NFL tackles, whether attempting a bull rush or stacking his man to play the run. Loses his balance when attempting to disengage on stretch plays. Easily knocked off his feet running in space. Limited stamina shows up late in games through less hustle and lost strength after initial contact.

Tackling: Drag-down tackler who uses his hustle and length to his advantage when in position to make a play. Will take a big shot at a ballcarrier if vulnerable, but is not really an explosive tackler. Is evaded too easily in the backfield because he lunges and lacks the flexibility to break down and quickly change direction.Intangibles: Has relatively little experience on the football field. Played at three schools in three years because of academic issues. No character red flags.


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