Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Be Advised

Clear out everything you have scheduled for next Tuesday, April 20, at 7 p.m. The NFL will announce its regular-season schedule on NFL Network and

Like all huge occasions in life, you don't want to be left, in later years, wondering what you were doing the moment the league unveiled its 2010 season. (Sarcasm off).



  1. Just switched from Directv to Fios. No longer have NFL network. I have yet decided how I feel about that, but definitely will not lose sleep over missing that announcement.

  2. Whats next? ESPN updates on Roger Goodells bowel movements?

    Gee NFL, onceuponatime you were not the marketing mogul that you are now. Pity.

  3. Actually Russ, ESPN just reported that Roger just finished his third urination of the day.

    Apparently, according to ESPN 3, he then came out of the bathroom, had a power bar and cheered -- of all people -- Osi before the two of them downed a six-pack of 5-hour energy drinks.

  4. Cool. That should make Osi run quicker to the Qb....if not the bathroom.


    'Johnny on the spot' & 'texas fold em from the can' updates are next....

    how I love espn and total sports coverage but was distraught when tiddlywinks (hosted by Chris Berman) and austrailian rules football were cancelled in 1984.

    is the draft over yet?

  5. Is the draft over?!

    I'm a Mets fan. I have nothing to live for except the NFL draft right now. I'm reading profiles on players like I'm being paid because I can't take watching my stinking baseball team.

    Long live the draft!

  6. Ernie the draft ginch back at it again. SPILLER SPILLER SPILLER DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT!!!!! T-Minus 8 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Someone still watches baseball? Go figure.

  8. Wayno starting to remind me of that little monstrous kid pounding on Bugs Bunny's head "Wanna Easta Egg I wanna Easta Egg I wanna Easta Egg..."

  9. I still remember where I was when Eli was drafted and how excited I became to have the NEW PEYTON MANNING! Phones were blowing up, hugs and high fives exchanged and all I could think of were the bombs he would throw at Ole Miss thinking he was going to be throwing 4 tds a game. Sometimes I still think he could do it if the offense and personnel was different.

  10. "Sometimes I still think he could do it if the offense and personnel was different."

    Going against college kids in the secondary wouldn't hurt, either.

  11. Lou - Mets here too. and Knicks, Giants are my saving grace...*NY Rangers choke again*...Real Madrid or Barcelona? Man U or Chelsea? Inter Milan or AC? Soccer on my mind now with the World Cup around the corner.

    Espn (for all my negative stuff towards them) did do the right thing bringing the
    English Prem & Spanish La Liga to our eyes a few times a week. They get rid of the dumb scroll to, picture is GREAT!

  12. Russ - Beautiful Barca, of course. Here's a clip for a diehard "futbol" man.

  13. ON the Eli Manning Big Ben debate:

    For those of you who say Big Ben is far superior with two SB rings to Eli's one.

    Take this into consideration:

    The Steelers have missed the playoffs two years while Big Ben has been at the helm.
    In both of those years the Steelers were outside the top 10 defense.

    The years he has been in th eplayoffs the Steelers defense has ranked 1,1,3,9th.

    Eli Manning, on the other hand has had a top ten defense ONCE since he came to NY that was 2008, when the Giants were the most dominating team in football before Plaxico blew off his leg.

    Also, Big Ben has "two" SB, rings but in actuality one.

    Did you watch Big Ben's first superbowl victory? The one where it was the most poorly officiated game I've ever seen and Big Ben tried to give the game away every possession?

    Big Ben also plays in the same division as Baltimore (O.K), Bengals (one good year) and the miserable Browns.

    The Giants play in a division where no team played under .500 for TWO ENTIRE YEARS.

    On top of that look at Big Ben's numbers the one year he played in the N.F.C. East...

    He had below a 50 percent completion rate he had something like 4 touchdowns to 9 or 10 interceptions, his QB rating was a miserable 50 something vs N.F.C. East teams.

    Big Ben has been pretty good. BUT he's missed more games than Eli Manning, while being on superior teams, he's been riding on motorcycles without helmets and (possibly) raping girls.

    I'll take Eli Manning

  14. yawn

    back to Barca

    MESSI is one of the best I have seen. Maradona was like a tank. Messi is so fluid. Pele is the best ever, kinda the Lawrence Taylor of OLB's...but Messi is the best in the world imo

  15. Wayno--
    Nice try but you out-kicked your coverage on that last post. I suspected it all along.

    You're the alter-ego of another poster on this site.


  16. "but Messi is the best in the world imo"

    No argument here, Russ. Those four goals against Arsenal are exhibit a. Give him an inch to work in and drives a dagger into your heart. I think Messi's like Barry Sanders. Just when you think he won't do anything, he makes a play that you can't believe is humanly possible. Hope Henry goes to the RedBulls. MLS needs the star power since Beckham was a disappointment. We better stay on American football, though, before Ernie kicks us off his site.

  17. Lou, Russ, same boat as well. Mets, Giants, Rangers. Frustrating.

  18. dweez115 - lol @ Ernie kicking us off the site! This would be by a guy that had us quote "Guys & Dolls" on his old blog....I always hunted out Ernie if I came across a Gannett newspaper, so it made sense to hunt him out online?

    ....the big difference is the interaction we have with Ernie & each other. its mostly refreshing.


    Tuesday April 20th @ 7pm, I will be hopping between Sky Sports and the NFL network.

    I will guess the Giants open with the Cowboys at home.

    Argentina, Spain, Germany, Italy, England, Portugal, France, Holland, Ghana, Ivory Coast & the mighty Brazil & someone else?.....who wins WC 2010?

  19. I say Argentina. Best player in the world on arguably the most talented team in the world.

    Brazil isn't as talented as years past, and (not that this means that much)no European country has ever won a World Cup that wasn't played in Europe. and looking at the European teams most are battling injuries or never really perform well in tournaments -- Spain, England, Holland, Portugal.

    However, if I were to pick a European team to keep an eye on, you always have Italy and Germany. Even though Spain is clearly the most talented.

    I don't see an African team making in as far as everyone thinks. And the North and Central American teams will be lucky to make it to the Round of 16.

    If you want to see the greatest American goal of all-time go here:

  20. without Xavi Lionel Messi is a top player, with him he is the best, Xavi makes Barca go...and with him Spain has a potent team and a good chance for the WC

  21. "I will guess the Giants open with the Cowboys at home."

    supposedly it was decided that the Giants open up the new stadium so no way they will start at cowboys. + with the late delay of the schedule im hoping for better matchups throughtout the year. i.e. jets vs steelers game 5 (holmes) or jets vs chargers (maybe =D)

  22. um, Ernie broke the "Giants open @ home" with that coin flip in Goodells bathroom...please try and follow along!

    Cowboys week 1 oppenents.

    played in the old meadowlands parking lot to fake everyone out.

    Kinda like the Rutles playing that gig at an empty Che stadium in 1965.

    Xavi AND Inesta are the motors that make Barca go...Spain is knicked up with Torres/Villa pairing on the sideline now for their club teams.

    Argentina is the enigma of this years WC. Powerful to obliderate any world oppenent...and feeble enough to draw a lowly team. Which team shows up?

    Darkhorse 1 France. Nothing much expected of them, I think they quietly find themselves in the semi's.

    Darkhorse 2 Germany. Never out of it until the final gun, this might be Ballacks year from the back to lead them like Beckenbauer/Mattheus have in the past.

    Fav 1 Brazil - They always go into the WC as a fav or co fav. if Kaka can bind them together, they could rise to the top.

    Fav 2 italy - Old but reliable? Gattusso, Pirlo, Totti (if he come back)...proven winners, and if they add Cassanno?????