Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Name

Here's a two-round mock draft from the National Football Post that mentions a name I haven't heard from anybody yet as the Giants' pick at No. 15.

Maurkice Pouncey.

He's a 6-5, 304-pound University of Florida center coming out as a junior. Pouncey put up some impressive numbers in the Gators' Pro Day, and he's rated the No. 1 center by They say he's a late first-round pick, and potentially an immediate starter who won't be overwhelmed by the game.

It's kind of an odd pick, though. Unless somebody knows something we don't, I would think Shaun O'Hara is entrenched at center for the next year, at least. And the guard situation seems stable enough, since David Diehl could easily slide over for the declining Rich Seubert should Will Beatty win the left tackle competition.

Meanwhile, the picker left others like big-time Idaho tackle Mike Iupati, Texas safety Earl Thomas, Rutgers tackle Anthony Davis, and South Florida defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul on the board.

The guy did address the linebacker spot in the second round, taking Missouri linebacker Sean Weatherspoon.

Not that any of this matters, but he had blog favorite C.J. Spiller going to Seattle, the pick before the Giants.



  1. I can't understand the popularity of mock drafts. They are amateur attempts to delve into each team's "war room" filled with scouts that spend their entire lives watching film, going to games/workouts, doing interviews, etc., etc. NO "average joe" or any sportswriter for that matter has the resources to scout each player like each NFL team does. Even with those resources, each team STILL makes mistakes each draft. To think that some dolt at a keyboard can put together a mock draft that will be accurate is naive. I can write down the next 20 winners of the Super Bowl and that will have the same value and accuracy as mock drafts. To paraphrase the NY classic, "If you believe mock drafts are meaningful in anyway, shape, or form, I have a bridge I can sell you". Please keep in mind that all the draft "experts" are merely providing entertainment and since their past picks are never reviewed, they face NO repercussions for being wrong.

  2. Just what i was gonna say. ENUFF. DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT!!!! SPILLER SPILLER SPILLER!

  3. It's popular because it involves football. There are mock drafts, fantasy pools, and forums for a number of sports, but nothing quite compares to football. I mean really, how can anyone explain the number of people that attend the NFL Draft year in and year out.

  4. Guys:

    Just to put in my two cents here, and I know you probably don't want to hear this. The NFL Draft is easily the most boring (now) three days on the sports calendar. They've taken what used to be done on a conference call, off legal pads and football magazines, and turned it into an international extravaganza built around front office assistants bringing namecards to a podium.

    I'm not a real fan of all this draft hoopla, but I do it because it's part of covering the NFL. If I didn't, I'd be doing you guys a disservice.

  5. Ern, i agree and yet, disagree with you. It can be very boring (and certainly was the year before last) and its far more ritzy glitzy than it needs to be. at the same time, for the sort of person who likes to make sure that all his CDs, DVDs and records are all in alphabetical order and likes making lists (ie. me) it is kinda fascinating to watch it all come together. its kinda like, being a trekkie except, oddly enough, with even less females.

  6. Hey, let's be honest...they're filler. I mean, its a long off season so what are you going to do? These Football guys need to write something.

    For the fans, its somewhat interesting but nothing more really. I mean, the only one who knows who they are drafting are the Rams, period. After that, the draft is an unknown in a lot of ways. At 15 a lot of things can happen above you. The other thing I laugh at is the focus on round 1. If you look at the Giants roster there are a lot of impact guys from rounds 2 through 7.

    For the record, I'm still in the camp that Spiller and McClain will be long gone by 15 (hey, like I said I'm somewhat interested!).

    Chris B.

  7. I see where you're coming from Ern, but somewhat disagree with you. While I'm totally disgusted the NFL stretched the draft over three days, I still enjoy watching it.

    It was great on Saturday and should be fine on whatever days they're showing it now, but it's still interesting. Hey, Mel Kiper needs to be doing something with his life.

    Also, I've actually attended a draft and have to say, it is pretty exciting. I was with my buddy (an Eagles fan) and it was the year the Giants traded down to get Kiwi and I think the Eagles traded out of the first round completely.

    So, while our teams didn't do anything special, it is pretty exciting to hear the commissioner stand on the podium to announce that first pick.

    Listen, mock drafts are a guesstimation, but there is a demand for them. People like to know what other people think about their team.

    By the way, I'm still waiting for Big Ern to publish his complete seven round mock draft with in-depth analysis of each pick.

  8. You should go cover curling Ern, because the great part about being a baseball or football fan is that it is now a 12 month season with the offseason providing hope to fans and keepiong the talk going in EASILY the two best sports leagues in THE WORLD. How could you not like the draft and the whole process? This is when for most of us we learn who the best individual players and start learning about future stars. I didn't know who Deion Sanders was until the draft and was like "who is this fool." Tiki who? YES RON DAYNE! TYROOOOOOOOOOOOOONE WHEATLEY! You are like the grinch Ern and you should watch this great brief youtube clip to see why the draft is great and get your draft spirit back:

    P.S. Dan, Dweez, CE138, I think we can all get behind this.

  9. The fact is, many fans enjoy talking about the draft. It used to bore me, but now I kind of enjoy learning about the different prospects and catching some of them play during the bowl games. It's fun and if it's not your thing, you don't have to participate in the discussion. It's not like the Tiger Woods thing where you can't avoid it.

  10. everyone see this

  11. I like the draft, guys. I enjoy knowing who the new Giants may be (as we all know, just because you're drafted, doesn't mean you make the team, especially the later round guys) and learning something about them before they hit the field. I even look over who was drafted by the rest of the NFC East. We all know that somewhere in all those draft choices are some hidden gems and a few total busts. I just find the mock drafts useless. Also, the post draft "grades" and/or report cards are even more moronic than the mocks. To think that ANYONE can grade a draft until three or four years have passed is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen. To me, any writer and/or sportscaster who participates in grading the draft loses all credibility. All of us who love the sport know you never know how a guy will turn out until you see him play a couple of seasons. I would be willing to bet some dolt is collecting a fat paycheck at ESPN even though he gave the Chargers an "A" for drafting the kid with cannon arm - Ryan Leaf.
    Finally, for the record Ernie, I was NOT ripping you for posting content. That's your job. Hell, I appreciate that you're here doing it. I just don't understand the fascination with mocks.
    BTW - I hope all you Ernie fans will do Ern a favor and write the FCC and demand they change the laws to protect net neutrality. The courts ruled against the FCC. That means a small FREE website like this one will have to pay your IP or will relegated to the bottom of the bandwidth pile. That means Ernie will either 1) have to charge a subscription fee, 2) close up shop for good, or 3)never post any video or pictures because it would take forever to download. Fight for net neutrality or expect to lose tons of content and pay a high fee for what little is left.

  12. Rather than get into the mock draft good/not good debate, I'll offer thoughts on the question posed. Ernie, I think Pouncey would be a great addition to the Giants. First, he is talented enough to slide into the left guard position this year, and eventually take over for O'Hara at center in two when his contract is up. While he still has played well, he isn't exactly a spring chicken. Also, many have suggested Diehl move back to guard if Beatty wins the LT spot. I think it's more likely he moves to right tackle in place of McKenzie. He started at RT earlier in his career, and would still be strong there. With Beatty, Pouncey, O'Hara, Snee, and Diehl across the line they could get back to a more physical brand of football.

    I would be very surprised if the Giants do not come away with either McClain, Pouncey, or Iupati I'm the first round. Oline is an under the radar need for this team; each starter with the possible exception of Snee has seen his play start to slip.

  13. OHara is not going to play forever. The Giants need to revamp their O-line, as the Jets have done recently.

    Did JR even consider calling Alex Brown? Now he's with the Saints, giving them some much needed D-line depth.

  14. If we go interior o-line at 15, i'd prefer to go with Iupati. however, if the aim of the exercise is to get O'Hara's eventual replacement, then Pouncey has to be the guy as theres not really anyone else who matches up.

    theres a small group forming of guys we have a chance on who i'd like us to take in the first; McClain, Weatherspoon, Iupati, Pouncey, any one of the tackles bar Davies, Spiller (yes, calm down Wayne). in the second round, guys like Lee, Ducass, Aloualou

  15. The Giants won't need a center for years. Drafting a center would be stupid unless he was the best center EVER. SPILLER SPILLER SPILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. No matter who we draft, whether it be McClain, Spiller, Weatherspoon, Thomas, an o-linemen, chances are they're not going to be starting on Day 1. For whatever the reason, TC likes to give his rookies some time to watch on the sidelines before they see actual playing time.

    So then, what do the Giants do at MLB? Looking at the team, regardless of the draft, they have capable players at every position except MLB.

    Is JR and TC comfortable letting Wilkinson or Goff take over the Mike position? Wilkinson has been oft-injured and Goff has played in about two or three pro games.

    Maybe it's me, but I always liked some experience or talent in the middle. I know Sintim should be starting this year and it will be his first year starting, but I don't think the strong side is as crucial to the strength of the D.

    Are we comfortable heading into the season with Goff or Wilkinson as our MLBs?

  17. Dan, your points are well taken. I don't think many of us are comfortable with the options we currently have on the roster, but it seems as if the front office is content (for now). The Giants may end up still trading for a guy like Morrison (which I'm not so crazy about), but the need to do so at the moment isn't necessary as the Raiders would surely want a draft pick in this year's draft which simply isn't going to happen. Not to mention, both money and time have been invested on these past draftees. It makes sense to open up the competition and see who steps up. It's time for them to earn their keep.

  18. Dan - I thought the Giants were nuts sticking with the group of WRs they went into last season with. They turned out to be a nice surprise. While I would like a proven guy back there as well, maybe they know something we don't. That's my hope anyway. I'm not a huge fan of rookie QBs or LBs. I think the positions are so much more difficult than they are in college, that most guys need at least a year of seasoning. I'm sure TC knows his job is at stake. So, either 1) he's comfortable with what he has, 2) knows something we don't, or 3) is ready to retire if it all blows up in his face again. I'm praying that it's some combo of 1 & 2.

    Wayno - I'm getting a little worried about that man crush thing you have going with Spiller. If the kid gets hurt, and I never wish a bad injury on anyone, are you going to make it? Who will rant against the PSLs if you are openly weeping at your Spiller shrine?

  19. The thought on Pouncey, as noted above, is that, while O'Hara is playing at a very high level, he is the oldest player, after Feagles, on the team. Pouncey could initially replace Seubert at guard, making him a supersub again. Both Koets and Boothe would be made redundant, and the Giants would have a top-flight center (O'Hara, then Pouncey) for the next 10-15 years.
    Spiller? My problem with Spiller is that he essentially duplicates the Bradshaw role - a returner and change-of-pace back with limited touches. He may be electric, but #15 seems a bit high for a part-timer, and, if you draft Spiller, what do you do with Bradshaw?

  20. Highly doubtful the Giants draft a C/G at 15 unless they are really convinced he's all pro caliber.

    Tackle is far more likely given the talent at that position. Kindle could be a pick as well if he's available (you can never have too many pass rushers).