Saturday, April 24, 2010

So That's It

The Giants' draft is finished. Here's how the whole rundown looks.

1: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida
2: Linval Joseph, DT, East Carolina
3. Chad Jones, S, LSU
4. Phillip Dillard, MLB, Nebraska
5. Mitch Petrus, G, Arkansas
6. Adrian Tracy, LB/DE, William and Mary
7. Matt Dodge, P, East Carolina

Obviously, there was a lot of forethought given to loading up on defense in this one as five of the seven selections landed on that side of the ball. I was a little surprised they didn't go after a running back late and instead took a third punter for training camp depth. Seems a little excessive to me.

So now that it's done, tell me what you think? Do they still have to make more moves in the second phase of free agency? Who would you go after?

And did you like the new format, spreading the draft over three days?



  1. Overall, I think the draft was extremely solid from a philisophical perspective. I mean, they went D and the problem last year was definately D!

    At the end of last year, I stated the offense was Superbowl calibre. The D was horrible. Now injuries played a part but it's obvious that the Giants, a defense first team, had to make some changes. Reese and Company went out in FA and got some D. In the draft they were focused on it. The unit should be vastly improved from last year and if the O stays consistent then we have ourselves a playoff team.

    I was disappointed that McClain wasn't there but what can you do. The format....give me the old one. Too drawn out for my liking.

    Chris B.

  2. This seems like a particularly high risk, high reward draft. A lot of relatively inexperienced youth. Fast, strong, long-armed athletes. Likable and hard workers. And perhaps this trend toward youth makes sense given the unusual nature of this particular draft, with so many young players trying to get into the league before a possible work stoppage.

    I like the Linval Joseph pick. We help the MLB position by getting a big run-stuffer up front. I like the Chad Jones pick, because we help the MLB position by getting a safety who is big enough to help with the run, and who can replace a LB in nickel situations. Perhaps he can help with our coverage problems of TEs. And with a bit of experience Goff (or a healthy Blackburn) will do fine up the middle (every defense has a weakness).

    I also like the Mitch Petrus pick. I had been hoping to catch him in the late rounds. A lot of upside there and added depth for the OL. He has experience also as a TE and as a FB, so perhaps he could also take Beatty's place as a blocking TE in certain situations (I assume that Beatty will be our new LT and that Diehl will slide inside to G).

    JPP? I really don't know. I have to admit that I dreaded the pick a little bit, but frankly, what do I know? We seem to have an excellent scouting corps and I am a big JR fan, so I will trust them... I do think that we need to get better at rushing the QB, and perhaps he adds a useful dimension and can help our line stay fresh and healthy. In any case, his up side is far higher than McClain's , I think, (though JPP is far riskier).

    I have no opinion, but about the others, but I like the Dodge pick... (why not. Punters ARE important).

    I think what this draft also tells me, is that TC and JR are pretty confident in the team as is. The Giants did stink last year, but do not discount the effects of injuries and of an ineffectual defensive coordinator. They did not feel the need to do anything too radical (in free agency or by trading up). This draft seems as much aimed at the future as at the present. I like it, but we shall see...

  3. Overall this draft can be considered positive but at the same time disappointing. Positive because areas of need were filled and the defensive depth in general was vastly improved. Dissapointing because a future Hall of Fame RB in Spiller was just missed by the Giants. In ten years there will be 8 teams kicking themselves for passing him and another 20 also kicking themselves for not being more aggressive.

    One thing that was apparent to all is once again when it comes to Giants news and analysis there us one place to come and that is here. Ern brought it like no other and I have never learned so much so quick about who the he'll these guys are and where they will fit. Congrats Ern, you deserve all the trappings that will go along with the success of this blog.

  4. I'm not doubting the Giants scouts and Reese. I believe they know how to get value in each round.

    That said, I'm not crazy about the first round. Even if JPP turns out to be a stud, I would have gone for a stud O-lineman there because they lock things down on offense for years to come. That said, it's easy for fans to criticize because we're not the ones that have to deal with the realities of losing a first round pick to an arthritic knee a year later. Jerry Reese has done a really great job scrambling here to shore up the defense and leave the draft with a punter.

  5. Wayno - I hate to break up your "bromance" with you & Spiller, but getting drafted by Buffalo just took five years off his career. No O-line at all, no QB, that line will be stacked with 11 defenders every down. Then, of course, there's the weather. Sliding on an icy turf has landed more than one guy on the IR. CJ knees are going to look like a bowl of spaghetti by year four. Seems like a great kid, sorry he went to RB hell.

  6. Undrafted FA signing's at Mikey G's site. A DE, WR, and a few others....

    Chris B.

  7. Kind of agree with one of the others...this was a draft more about the future than present. Granted that we were not in the top 10 for that impact player, but moving up was an option. Overall a decent draft....current 2nd and 3rd string slotting. Punter - Yes re recent issues for Feagles. Extra RBs and a FB opportunities maybe from post draft targeted signings. As fro three day draft....Naw...prefer the old way. One big problem was all those 2nd rate commentators yakking away on every player except the one just picked....too much chatter. Could not follow the Track line nor the on the clock and all of the data in the right hand margins.....all disconnected. Onward to rookie mini-camp.

  8. I liked the old saturday/sunday marathon better. Continuity and momentum seemed dashed at the end of Thursday & Friday nights.