Friday, April 30, 2010

Here Again

Rookie minicamp today, but even bigger stuff than that coming up. Jeff Feagles retires, and he'll be addressing us. So we'll have that for you along with some locker room interviews. So stay tuned.



  1. So long Feags... U will be missed!

  2. Thank you Jeff!

    Is it August yet?

  3. WPXI in Pittsburgh reports Santonio Holmes had to be escorted off a plane Thursday night at Pittsburgh International Airport.

    Holmes was not arrested, but he had to be pulled off the plane for what investigators termed being a "disruptive passenger." NFL commissioner Roger Goodell isn't going to look kindly on the incident after the offseason that Holmes has had. We were skeptical that Holmes was going to keep his nose clean earlier this month when he issued an apology with a marijuana symbol still present on his official website. Apr. 30 - 11:32 am et

  4. Hyperbole: Tom Coughlin on Fegs: "in my opinion, one of the greatest Giants of all time."