Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's Getting Drafty In Here

I used to embarrass myself on a yearly basis with a mock draft for my old newspaper. But now that I have my own blog, I can avoid all that by simply not doing a mock and telling you that I firmly believe, if one or the other falls, that the Giants will take either Alabama linebacker Rolando McClain or South Florida defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul with the 15th pick. In fact, I'm so sure of those two names that they might even trade up a few spots to get one of them.

There. That's my prediction. And since I know who most everybody out there wants, I have a project for you. Tell me how those players get to No. 15. I want your 32-team, first-round mocks. Just the team and the player, no lengthy explanation needed. But if you want to give one, go right ahead.

Just a heads-up here, too. I'm going to be busy with other issues starting around mid-afternoon. I'll be ducking out later, and you won't hear from me until probably early tomorrow afternoon, which we all know is the first round of the draft. Of course, I'll be at Giants Central to give you the complete rundown.

Anyway, get those mocks going.



  1. Ern, Live blog draft??????????????????? LETS DO IT!!!!

  2. I don't know, EP. A full draft would be tough. The X factors/dilemmas here are the Raiders and the Jaguars. Since the Raiders tend to use early draft picks on perceived athleticism, I could see them going in a bunch of directions. They could use their pick on either CJ Spiller, Jason Pierre-Paul, or even Bruce Campbell. And as far as the Jaguars, I believe that they're hoping that either CJ Spiller or Jason Pierre-Paul fall to them.

    The other team worth mentioning is the Seahawks who has 2 picks prior to the Giants selection. Although, they probably would prefer to use their 2nd pick, I can easily see them selecting CJ Spiller with their 1st pick with Jason Pierre-Paul either going to the Raiders or the Jaguars which would leave only McClain as a true possible target (if indeed he's truly coveted by the Giants).

  3. Well everyone, I decided to just do up to the Giants. Don't have the time to consider 16-32. Here we go:

    1. Rams – Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoms
    2. Lions – Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
    3. Bucs – Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
    4. Skins - Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma St.
    5. Chiefs – Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa
    6. Seahawks – Eric Berry, S, Tennessee
    7. Browns – Earl Thomas, S, Texas
    8. Raiders – Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma
    9. Bills – Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
    10. Jags – CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson
    11. Broncos – Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma St.
    12. Dolphins – Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, S FL
    13. 49ers – Anthony Thomas, OT, Rutgers
    14. Seahawks – Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee
    15. Giants – Ronaldo McClain, MLB, Alabama

    Sorry Wayno, in my opinion, Spiller does not fall to us. This seems to be the only way McClain falls to us. Both Broncos and Dolphins go another way. Could even have the Broncos take that WR from Georgia Tech and the Dolphins taking Dez Bryant. Their two picks are the most critical for the Giants. Both need help at WR and LB, among other areas.

  4. The jags have MJD, and I dont see them taking Spiller. I think they have just floated the rumor so that teams will engage them in trade talk. Here is my mock top 15.

    1 thru 6 same as above

    7- Browns- Trent Willliams OT
    8- Raiders Bruce Campbell- AlDavis doesnt watch football just running drills
    9- Bills Jimmy Clausen
    10- Giants via trade with Jax (Giants get 10th pick and Jax 7th round pick, Jax gets Giants 15th pick, Osi, Giants 6th round pick) - CJ Spiller RB Clemson
    11- Broncos- Dez Bryant WR
    12-Dolphins- Dan Williams DT
    13- 49ers- Joe Haden CB
    14- Hawks- Derek Morgan DE
    15- Jax- Earl Thomas CB

  5. Wayno, I like the effort to mix it up, but don't think that would happen. You are giving up Osi for 5 spots in the draft plus trading a 6th round for a 7th round. Then you have them picking a RB. Reese traditionally finds his RBs in the later rounds. They might do that for McClain, but I doubt that too. My prediction for the Giants is they stay put, and pick the best thing that falls to them. I just hope it is McClain.

  6. Agreed, I like the idea of moving up to number 10, but you can move up 5 spots without giving up Osi, or at least if you're going to give up Osi, bet more than moving 5 spots up and a 7th round pick.

  7. I can't see the Giants moving up in this draft. And I doubt they would trade Osi to move, unless it was a move to get Pierre-Paul. Because why you trade your starting or at least top reserved end for a RB? It would make no sense.

    Then you have five potential starting RBs (Jacobs, Bradshaw, Ware, Brown, Spiller) and three ends (Tuck, Kiwi, Tollefson).

    I say the Giants stay where they are and focus on their targeted players(probably McClain, Spiller, Pierre-Paul, maybe Earl Thomas or Anthony Thomas, Dan Williams). If one of those players falls to the Giants great, if not, I can see JR trying to trade back.

    I could be wrong, but I cannot see the Giants trading up in this draft.

  8. i also can not see the giants moving up and would not be shocked to see them move down

  9. to clarify, first round only. i can see them moving up in subsequent rounds

  10. Pretty creative, Wayno2424. You're definitely persistent with this whole CJ Spiller thing. Unfortunately, that scenario just seems unlikely. Amongst the biggest problems on defense last year was the inability to produce a pass rush, so it's hard to imagine the Giants trading a pass rusher with no pass rusher in return. After Derrick Morgan, Jason Pierre-Paul, Brandon Graham, and Carlos Dunlap (all likely gone by the 1st round), the Giants would need to reach for Everson Griffin in the 2nd round as a possible replacement which would not be regarded as an upgrade.

  11. Dan above

    you must be nuts if you think Brown and Ware are NFL caliber "starting" running backs. Jacobs is already worn down and Bradshaw has two bad wheels and is just getting around to running in a straight line (no cuts). The Giants need a player with Spiller's abilities and they need to make a move to get him.

    History tells us that when they target someone, throw the equations out the window; they'll trade up to get their man

  12. Of course just after I write that I go to and Peter King's mock draft was just posted. What's the headline? Giants, Eagles may trade up in first round.

    So, who knows. I believe Peter probably has better sources than I do.

  13. The Giants missed their opportunity to grab a all pro caliber LB in last years draft, they could have packaged 2nd round pick and taken any one of a number of good LBs. They have failed to draft quality LBs over the last few years and in this draft, when they could be rebuilding the OLine, they will waste yet another draft on a LB...terrible planning, the downward spiral starts tomorrow night with the drafting an over hyped McClain.
    Let's see Sintim, Kehl, Goff, DeOssie, Wilkinson, Torbor....not too many starters in that group

  14. To the previous Anonymous, I guess it depends how far back in time you're willing to go as recent history has shown the Giants hesitant in pulling the trigger. For example, the Giants were high on Jeremy Maclin, but was glad to settle for Nicks. The same is true for Revis, but, of course, we ended up with Ross. We can go back back to Shockey, but that served a dual purpose of both value and need.

  15. Rams - Bradford
    Detroit - McCoy
    TB - Suh
    Redskins - T Williams
    KC - Okung
    Seattle - Bulaga
    Cleveland - Berry
    Oakland - D Williams
    Buffalo - A Davis
    Jax - D Morgan
    Denver - McClain
    Miami - B Graham
    SF - Haden
    Giants - Earl Thomas
    Tennessee - pierre-paul
    SF - Clausen
    Pitt - Pouncey
    Atlanta - Kindle
    Houston - K Jakcson
    Cincy - Gresham
    NE - Bryant
    GB - Iupati
    Philly - Griffen
    Baltimore - Hughes
    AZ - Weatherspoon
    Dallas - Mays
    SD - Mathews
    NYJ - K Wilson
    Minn - D Thomas
    Indy - C Brown
    NO - Odrick

  16. Come on there.

    Chris B.

  17. I've had my doubts about Pierre-Paul. I really hope they don't take him. Check this out (skip to the bottom):

    I'm not saying FO is infallible, but I do think there's better talent to be had at #15...