Friday, April 23, 2010

Chad Jones

Giants took Chad Jones, a safety out of LSU, with the third-round pick. Here's what NFL Draft Scout had to say about the 6-foot-2, 221-pound strong safety.

Read & React: Still developing in this area. Sneaks a peek at the quarterback and takes some false steps. Quick to accelerate once he locates the ball. Struggled a bit early with questionable angles, but improved throughout the season. Man Coverage: High and choppy backpedal because of his long legs. Good balance and sufficiently loose hips to change direction. Quick acceleration. Saw action in 27 games, including six starts, as nickel corner in 2008-09. Locates the ball and has good body control to make the leaping interception. Adjusts in the air and times his leap well. Good ball skills and the vision, agility and straight-line speed to generate yards after the interception.

Zone Coverage: High in his backpedal, but gains good depth on his drop. Allows the receiver to get too close before he turns with him, at times, allowing for small openings. Can do a better job of locating receivers in his zone.

Closing/Recovery: Closes downhill quickly and is a reliable open-field tackler. Trusts his own athleticism, but can be beaten over the top when he allows the receiver to eat up his cushion. Good straight-line speed, but lacks the elite second gear.

Run Support: One of his stronger areas. Attacks downhill and is an intimidating hitter. Good vision and anticipation to feel where the back is going and avoids blockers well. Has to improve fighting through blockers once engaged.

Tackling: Reliable open-field tackler. Breaks down well in space to make the secure stop against quicker athletes. Heavy hitter will occasionally lead with his shoulder to make the intimidating hit to protect the middle. Has shown the explosiveness to knock the ball free. Has four career forced fumbles.Intangibles: Highly touted prep prospect ranked No. 1 among safeties by some scouting services. Team's primary punt returner in 2009 when backed up due to his reliable hands and strength to break tackles. Was given a 2nd-3rd round grade in the MLB draft, but slipped to the 13th round because he planned to play football. Turned down a $745,000 contract from Houston. Originally played in the outfield before dazzling coaches with his pitching ability. Jones retired five of the six batters he faced in the National Title game victory over Texas, striking out two. Good bloodlines. Brother, Rahim Alem, was LSU's starting defensive end and is also an NFL prospect. Nicknamed "Dreads of Doom" due to his dreadlocks.



  1. If all goes well with players health and development we could have a very solid look on third and long this season or vs the pass happy Eagles ( last time we beat them Sam Madison was at corner ). Boley and Chad Jones at LB, Webster, Ross, Thomas at CB, Kenny and Rolle patrolling the deep halves. The only thing we need now are some pass rushers ( I really had to add that in there ) Honestly, this is looking good. Of course you have to get to third and long but....

  2. Kenny Phillips odds of returning from MFKS is not good. That's why Reese signed 2 FA safeties and just drafted a third. Between Kenny's injury/arthritis last year and the overall play of the backups, we learned that not only did we not have a suitable safety anymore--we also had no depth at all. Those signings and this draft pick addressed that reality and I applaud the Giants for it.

  3. With the Giants picking up Jones it might be the end for M. Johnson. Unless it's purely depth. But I was thinking that maybe just maybe Johnson might be a package deal with another player going to Oaklnd for K. Morrison.