Saturday, April 24, 2010

On Matt Dodge

NFL Draft Scout ranked Dodge as the third-best punter in the draft. The Appalachian State transfer stands 6-2, 224, and he's not regarded as a real boomer. In fact, despite a 48.5-yard gross average that ranked him second in the nation, scouts say he was helped by a lot of friendly bounces on his 50-yarders. Hang time is also said to be an issue with him.

Still, he'll be in the mix with Feagles and Jy Bond, the Australian Rules punter they signed as camp competition. Chances are he'll compete with Bond for a spot on the practice squad so Feagles doesn't have to get kicked out during the week. He can also kick off, but scouts were not impressed with those.

Here's what NFL Draft Scout had to say in analysis:

Has fair leg strength, but many of his 50-yard kicks were aided by friendly bounces. Get-off times fluctuated from 1.1 to 1.4 seconds depending on whether he hesitates or takes a small step before starting his typical two-step delivery. Hangtime is a major concern and too many of his kicks don't spiral, turn over and stay in the air for only 3.4-3.7 seconds. Used rugby punts to place punts inside the 20-yard line and was too inconsistent keeping punts out of the end zone when using normal delivery. A bit below-average height and leg extension for the position. Made four tackles on punt returns in 2009 and has a relatively stout build. Willing to throw his body into the play. Kickoffs lack lift to be effective at the next level.


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  1. Reports are out that Feagles is done. He is going to retire.

    Chris B.