Saturday, April 10, 2010

QB and OL

According to, the Giants are hosting Holy Cross quarterback Dominic Randolph tomorrow and Monday, and have already met with Pittsburgh's veteran free agent offensive lineman Darnell Stapleton.

Stapleton was out all of 2009 with a knee injury, but started 15 games the year before at guard. He can also play center, which may well explain the presumed interest in drafting another G/C guy like Florida's Maurkice Pouncey in the first round.

The interest in Randolph is a bit more curious. He's not highly rated by most scouting services. But he did finish as NCAA Division 1-AA's fourth alltime passer, and could be looked upon as a developmental project who can push third quarterback Rhett Bomar. Wondering if the Giants would spend a seven on a quarterback, though Randolph is probably more likely to go as an undrafted free agent.



  1. The Giants need young qb's. Drafting them will not be an option but either on the waiver wires or undrafted route would serve the Giants best. Sorgi is garbage and Bomar, while it is my guess will be on some sort of Giants roster come September, has not enamored the coaching staff.

    Stapleton is intriguing. Young but significant experience (regular season/playoffs), cheap and smart there is room on the roster for a guy like him. Reese will concentrate on D in the draft and Stapleton if his knee holds up provides the same upside of a 6 or 7th rounder.

  2. Hey Ern, this may be an odd question, but teams that are located near football "hotbeds", like the Cowboys are in Texas, wouldn't they get a slight competitive advantage by being able to have private workouts for more local talent?

    Places like Texas, Florida and California have some of the top high school and college football players in the country and since NFL teams would be able to invite in more local players, wouldn't that give certain teams an advantage?

    New York has a lot of talented athletes, but there is no respectable college football program in the area (sorry Rutgers), and the high school game isn't that great in the tri-state area, except maybe at a Don Bosco Prep.

    Two local players that are in the league are Ray Rice and Keith Bullock -- not bad, but that's a small percentage. Maybe I'm wrong with the competitive advantage, but I just thought it might be unfair.

  3. The Giants have the $$ to out scout any team they want and arent run in football operations by Jones and Son. Also the Wright Bros. invented a machine where the Giants can get to Texas.

  4. Somebody has to throw passes at rookie mini-camp.

  5. Dan - Each NFL team is limited to a set number of players they are allowed to bring in before the draft. Not sure what that number is, but it's small enough that no NFL team would waste their time on someone that haven't already very thoroughly scouted. So, no competitive advantage based on where you're located. Now, as to money spent on scouting, some teams spend significantly more than others. Again, no hard numbers, but I believe the Giants are in the top ten.