Monday, April 5, 2010

Sleepy Article

Here's a piece from on 10 sleeper prospects you might here about in the upcoming draft. I'm not saying you'll see any of them in a Giants' uniform. It's hard enough gauging the legit choice's eventual team, but don't be surprised if you do hear one or two of these names called.

Keep in mind, some might also be considered as college free agents. Just a little more information to chew on.



  1. #1 Sleeper: CJ Spiller, a top 3 pick possibly falling to 15, I still don't get it but I think that's because there is just a lot of posturing and he will go top ten.

  2. A few of those ten prospects were QBs and two were WRs, not positions of need right now. The DE/OLB sounds like a project. The DT from Brown sounds like the only one that could be useful right now. With just over 2 weeks until the draft, I am sure Reese knows who his top 3 prospects for that #15 spot are. A part of me still hopes that if McClain and Spiller go before 15, that Reese trades down, in order to not reach for someone. Plus, that could give us extra picks in the middle rounds. On the other hand, what are the chances Reese trades up with Jax in order to land McClain?

  3. IMO, zero chance of Reese trading up to pick anyone. The draft is too deep in the Giants' "needs" to warrant it. I bet Reese stands pat and we leave the draft with 2 impact players on defense and 2 solid O-linemen. The question is, who falls to us at 15? As much as I want a MLB, there aren't any pure 4-3 MLBs worthy of a first round pick. It wouldn't shock me if Reese grabbed a stud safety, corner, or defensive tackle/end. It wouldn't even shock me if he grabbed a stud O-tackle if he fell to us.
    Personally, I would go for Sean Weatherspoon, but I doubt Reese will do it.

  4. The lack of pure 4-3 MLB in this draft is why I think that Reese could trade up for McClain. He would give us the best chance for a MLB of the future. Who knows what it would take to get that 10 from Jax. I doubt it would happen as well. As far as drafting a stud safety, the only one I think Reese would go for is Earl Thomas, as he can play corner too. I would not be against Thomas, as that is someone I wanted prior to signing Rolle. Drafting a stud tackle would be good as well. But the best will be gone by 15 and I am not sold on this guy from Rutgers. I do not know how much of a run stopper Weatherspoon can be in the middle. As a Nebraska fan, I mostly saw him from the OLB position normally or ILB in nickel packages. He is going to be a good NFL LB, but I do not know if his skill set matches what we need in the middle of our D.

  5. I love McClain on paper, but I have to be honest: his Chrone's disease worries me. It can be kept under control with medication, but sometimes it's brutal and can lead to bowel resection surgery (my wife is a nurse practitioner so I asked her about the condition).
    Agree with Thomas, but I don't see him falling to us.
    As for Weatherspoon, I'm hoping he can lift on 10 to 15 lbs without giving up speed. He's got a great motor and I love his fire. Unfortunately, he's probably not a first round value and he won't still be there for us in round 2.