Monday, April 19, 2010

Satellite Draft

For all those who subscribe to satellite radio, Sirius XM will be providing live coverage the entire three days of the draft. NFL experts Gil Brandt Tim Ryan, and Pat Kirwin will be joined by Adam Schein for the gabfest, starting at 7 p.m. Thursday from Radio City Music Hall.

For those who prefer images of moving mouths and bobbing heads with their chatter, ESPN and ESPN 2 will televise the whole thing.

Oh, a little secret here. You know when Kiper and Berman yammer on and on about a team's prospective pick and then switch in midstream to pull the right name out of their you-know-whats? It's not because they're geniuses. Some director tips them off in their earplugs as the card heads to the podium.



  1. I will let Steve Serby talk for me today.

    "Clemson's Spiller perfect fit for Giants"

  2. Gee Ernie, you shattered my image of Chris Berman. I thought he was a real genius.

  3. Gave up Sirius a few years ago. With career change, was not in the car enough anymore to justify the expense. I will say this, though, I do miss Adam Schein's analysis.

  4. I love the Sirius NFL Channel... Aside from Stern, it's the best thing on radio!

    The only worthless show on the entire channel is NFL TOTAL ACCESS, which is filled with talking heads, has no depth, is obviously made for TV.