Monday, April 12, 2010


Giants: Kevin Boss, Steve Smith, Terrell Thomas.

Jets (as of this morning): Santonio Holmes, Braylon Edwards, Antonio Cromartie.




  1. Good guys(Giants) vs the bad guys(Jets). Good guys win :)

  2. I think the bigger issue is
    Eli Manning
    Mark Sanchez

  3. Factor in the 4 game suspension for Holmes to start the season.

  4. Braylon and Kevin are about equal though I think Braylon drops way to many passes. Smith and Santonio about equal both have rings and both played important factors in their teams super bowl win. I would give the edge to Cromartie who I believe is a bigger playmaker. Thomas is good but needs more time to grow as a player.

  5. I wouldnt throw in kevin boss there, you should really put their no 1-2 receivers for a fair comparison.

    Assuming health and people where they should be to start the season


  6. boss:solid citizen, super bowl ring
    smith:solid citizen,super bowl ring
    Terrell Thomas: solid citizen super bowl ring

    Edwards-stone hands, malcontent,contract whiner, no ring
    Holmes-drugs, domesticviolence, a couple clutch catches, probaly most clutch in SB
    Cromartie-100 kids by 100 different women, malcontent, no ring

  7. Terrell Thomas does not have a Super Bowl ring, atibbs.

  8. Putting ethics and moral values aside, Cromartie will be very good opposite a player who should have been defensive MVP of the NFL last year. The addition of Holmes, and LT for that matter, will allow the offense for greater flexibility. Quite frankly, the Jets will be able to move the chains and keep that attacking defense fresh. On top of that, the Jets still have both their 1st and 2nd round picks in this year's draft.

    I don't know, but this team appears loaded with very few weaknesses going into the season. How far this team goes seem to depend more on Sanchez's development as a QB.

  9. to andrew, Webster is the number 1 cb in giants while Cromartie is number 2 (don't forget about Revis)

  10. Jets are traveling down a very dangerous road. Sanchez should be happy. This will catch up to them eventually. Maybe they get a Super Bowl ring before it all blows up.

  11. as far as the receivers go; less spectacular, but more reliable and both players are clutch players, whilst only Holmes you can assume to be a safe bet in the big moments.

  12. I'll take the Giants talented, consistent, team players at low cost over the Jets inconsistent and expensive problem children any day.

  13. Rex Ryan comes from a team that didn't quite have a roster full of choir boys. Obviously, this is not a philosophy that should be adopted widespread by NFL teams, but if you can control and defuse the negative output then why not. To them, they were just a few good players away from making the SB trip. Who knows, maybe they were as I surely didn't expect them to be as good as they were last year.

  14. The Jets are the new Raiders.

    Green is the new Black.

  15. What r u puttin boss in there for? Enuff of ur love affair, what about Nicks?

  16. I agree Ern. It should be Nicks, not Boss. And assuming it's Nicks, I like the Giants receivers better, but Cromartie is better than Thomas.

    I just feel like Smith and Nicks are more reliable than Edwards and Holmes. Plus, Holmes is suspended for the first four games. And not to draw too big a comparison (and yes, he was injured during training camp), but Boley was suspended for the first game, and it took him the whole season to really get back into the groove. Holmes will be gone for four games. I can see him having either a huge impact or one similar to Roy Williams in Dallas, the only difference being the Jets didn't have to give up half their draft to get Holmes.

    I'm surprised with all the moves by the Jets. If I'm a Jets fan I'd be happy, but also know they better get off to a fast start. Cause if they start off 1-3, 2-4, things could break down rather quickly.

  17. I could care less about the ethics (until said shenanigans result in a suspension - which hurts the team)...

    Still, Edwards has hands of stone. A classic case of potential trumping actual on-field production. He has no heart. Give me Steve Smith any day.

    Holmes is clutch, but a (pot)head case. Only a matter of time before he screws up again. I was listening to Phil Simms on NFL Radio yesterday... He said it best: Every new team thinks they can reform these problem cases, and inevitably, they end up getting disappointed. It's only a matter of time. Still, it's unfair to compare Boss to him... Talent-wise, there is no comparison. Holmes is far better.

    Cromartie is better than Thomas. But Thomas is young. So we'll see.