Thursday, April 22, 2010

Two Hours To Go

We're two hours away from the opening of the 75th annual NFL Draft, and I've finally come to a resolution of a question I've been mulling all day.

We're going to live blog this bear.

I won't lie to you, there could be some problems with this. For one thing, this is not going to be like gameday, where I can sit on the live blog all day and run an uninterrupted stream of conversation. Being the computer idiot that I am, I have no idea how the live blog will react when I put up other, more traditional blogs as the picks go by and, especially when the Giants pick. I also won't be around to let in commenters when it comes time for me to leave my seat and head into our interviews with Jerry Reese, Tom Coughlin, and Marc Ross.

But I'm game if you guys are. If the blog gets interrupted, or if I have to turn it off entirely to put up some hard information, that's what we'll have to do. I'll just get it going again ASAP. I'll keep it up well after the Giants pick so you guys can chat away while I gather the news. In other words, we'll work through the glitches together. And how knows? Maybe there won't be any.

At any rate, look for the Cover-It-Live box around 7:15 or so, just like you did on gameday. If the live blog goes anything like the first blog today, we should have some lively discussion.

See ya then.



  1. Interesting article from Reilly over at ESPN. He lists how many Pro Bowls players that were drafted from 1997-2007 made for their team.

    Interesting tidbits: The top five: Colts (37), Steelers (35), Cowboys (34), Seahawks (31), Eagles (27). The Bears are actually sixth with 26, which is actually two more than the Pats.

    The Giants? Tied for 22nd with 18. That's the fewest in the division (five fewer than the Skins).

    I was surprised how bad the Giants have done in the draft, but even still, compared to the top five teams only one of those teams (Steelers) have more rings. And three of them have 0 over that time span. Anyway, I thought that was interesting.

  2. From Gogolack

    I've written continuously about the Giants poor drafting and all I ever hear back is about the 2007 draft and how everyone contributed. blah blah blah
    This article really highlights a weakness in the personnel evaluation department.

  3. Does Wayno have his clemson gear on?

  4. i dunno about wayno but ive got my BAMA gear on!!! Giants + McClain = PLAYOFFS BABY!!!