Friday, April 23, 2010

Tonight's Mission

Okay, here's how tonight goes. Live blog will open about 6 p.m., just as they start Round 2 of the draft. We'll keep it open until I'm done working. Honestly, I don't know how many people are going to get into it for later rounds, but it went so well last night that I'm encouraged to try it again.

For your information, last night's participation was the second-highest ever for a live event on this blog, coming in just a few clicks behind the Giants-Eagles game in November. And we had by far the most comments submitted and published. So thanks for that.

As for the problems some of you had getting onto the live blog, sorry about that. But nowhere does it tell me that it favors any particular browser. That's not surprising. I get the feeling all these computers act differently, even if they're running the same, exact software. Kind of like human beings. I will say this, though. I've never heard of a complaint of that kind coming out of anyone using Safari or Internet Explorer, so perhaps if you try downloading one of those you'll have better luck.

Hope you'll all join me tonight. We might have some news during the day, too, including an interview with the first-round pick, Jason Pierre-Paul. People are already comparing him to Jevon "The Freak" Kearse because of his body type, but you guys should hope he turns into the kind of pass rusher Kearse was. Not much Division 1 experience there, either.

The good news is that defensive end is not real rocket scientist's position. If nothing else, they can line him up in situations and say, "See that guy with the ball? Put him on his rear end!"

This pick might not turn out so bad after all.



  1. Wont be making it tonight Ern. Thanks for the fun last night and the great info. This is hands down the BEST place to get Giant news and analysis in the universe!

  2. I know Reese has said they won't trade Osi. But, lets say the old Osi rumor happens, they trade him for the first pick in round 2. Would you guys like that? I wouldn't. I don't see a player that is left that would help the Giants more than Osi could.

  3. I'll be amazed if Pierre-Paul has any impact this year... Maybe in a 2 or 3. I'm not saying reaching for a LB was the smart thing to do there, but I have my doubts about this kid.

    Hopefully, the rest of the draft yields some immediate help. I've heard scenarios where the Giants now trade for Morrison now that The Raiders actually did a smart thing for a change and went and drafted McClain.

  4. Let's say Taylor Mays falls to us in the second round. Should we use the pick on him?

  5. I think that now that Reese/Coughlin/Ross have gotten their wet dream "unlimited upside" value pick out of the way, they go for need in the next two rounds.
    I don't see a safety in the plan in these rounds.
    Obviously Brian Price, the DT is going to be in the mix, as will be Penn St LB Sean Lee. But whoever it is they select, they had better play a position where we need bodies.
    The Giants can't come out of this with a WTF? draft. You lose the fan base, you lose your job in this org.

  6. lou they are not going to lose their fan base because you dont know who a player is that they drafted. it takes years to correctly grade a draft, stop being so reactionary

  7. Amazing that Mays would have been a top 10 pick last year and this year he is dropping so fast. I would stay away from him.

  8. Thanks Ern....Pizza, beer and Ernie online with the draft. My friday night is now complete.

  9. Yeah... Mays waited a year too long to come out. He gave all those scouts time to realize that he can't cover anyone.

    He should punch Roy Williams in the mouth for costing him millions of dollars because no one wants the next Roy Williams - a linebacker in a safety's body.

  10. Scott - agreed.

    Ernie could re-visit the 2002,2003,2004,2005, 2006 & even 2007 drafts in the upcoming weeks with grades.


    we can grade as "possible" but we have no clue as to who will workout and who will not.

  11. Scott,
    The team has needs. The fans aren't going to wait "years" to see them met . This is a "now" team. Whether or not a draft pick works out 3 years from now will not keep the natives from becoming restless if our defense can't stop anybody and our offense can't run the ball again next year. That's not me being "reactionary", that's just the way it is.