Friday, April 30, 2010

Some Practice Notes

I'll be back with plenty more in a while, including some video. But first, here are some practice notes from the morning session.

For starters, first and second-round picks Jason Pierre-Paul and Linval Joseph both made strong impressions playing on the same defensive line, Pierre-Paul at right defensive tackle and Joseph over the nose. In several drills, Joseph looked strong turning and running downfield in pursuit, good news for a big man. And in team drills, Pierre-Paul was in the backfield quite often. He would have had at least three sacks if the team drills were actually full-contact scrimmages.

Seth Williams, Richmond cornerback signed as a college free agent, made two interceptions, one off UDFA quarterback Dominic Randolph of Holy Cross and the other off UDFA Riley Skinner of San Diego. But Randolph also showed some ability while dropping a nice pass in to Rutgers UDFA WR Tim Brown in traffic, who made a nice, falling catch on it. Randolph also found California (Pa.) WR A.J. Johnson in traffic.

One anxious moment came when third-round safety Chad Jones and UMass WR Victor Cruz, also signed to a free agent contract, came together on a deep throw by Randolph. Both stayed down for a few seconds and then got up and limped back to the huddle. But it turned out to be nothing serious, and both continued until the end of drills.

Rutgers' 5-foot-8, 165-pound receiver Tim Brown also looked strong, but unless he grows a couple of inches and puts on about 20 pounds, he'd have to be considered a longshot to make it to training camp.

More later.



  1. Good Stuff Ern! Can u get us video of JPP, Joseph, Jones and Richmond?

  2. Thanks for the report Ernie.
    Have you been able to see Matt Dodge punt yet?

  3. Is it true that one of the rooks mom is a prostitute.

  4. Are you being serious? IF you are then google: "dez bryant jeff ireland"

  5. Good idea Lou! Do u have video of dodge punting or an interview with him?

    Tom Coughlin calls Feags one of the greatest Giants of all time. Thats like calling Dodge one of the most exciting prospects in Giants history.

  6. Wayno - C'mon! Cut TC a break. The guy is retiring, so he laid it on a bit thick. TC probably really likes Feagles as person and as a player and is going to miss having the only other guy around who remembers when people needed pay phones on every corner. Plus, with his stats, you have to figure that maybe, just maybe, Feagles has the tiniest chance to be the only punter in the HOF. I wouldn't bet money on it, but if Feagles doesn't make it, I don't think any punter ever will.

  7. Ray Guy isn't in the PFHOF? Dang.

    Best punter I ever saw. No disrespect to Feagles.

    Ray Guy would punt the ball 48 yards with a hang time longer than the school year. No return.

  8. Lou - I remember Ray Guy as well. Awesome weapon in his day. Shockingly, Feagles is really close to him in average yd per punt, but due to all the additional years he played, he crushes Guy in number of punts and total yards. Feagles has over 25,000 more yards! stat sheet shows that Guy has zero punts inside the 20. I have to assume that they did not keep that stat back when Guy played because there is NO WAY he had zero punts inside the twenty! Feagles has 497 inside the 20. With that number, yd per punt being just about equal to Guy, record number of games played, and Feagles kicking for an additional 25 thou in yards, I think Feagles gets in the HOF, eventually. We all know no punter will ever be first ballot. Nor should they. They are punters, after all. Can't show them too much respect.

  9. Riley Skinner went to Wake not San Diego.