Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meadowlands Opener

At the risk of setting Wayno off on another of his PSL rants, here's something that might interest you guys. It's the opening event of the new stadium, a lacrosse triple-header that features three of the top five college teams in the country and five of the top 10.

Can't get much bigger than that, especially since back-to-back national champion Syracuse is one of them. Wouldn't be a bad event to catch if you like the sport, which I happen to enjoy after doing some high school coverage. Very fast. Kind of a cross between basketball and hockey.

So, all you long-stick defenders, have a ball. See, that's what they play lacrosse with, a ball. Not a skull like the Native Americans did when they developed the sport.

Football Tie-In: Vigorous double-click for the right answer to this one. What NFL Hall-of-Famer was considered one of the nation's alltime great collegiate lacrosse players? And what school did he play for?



  1. Jim Brown, Syracuse.

  2. Are they going to charge psler's.... just kidding.... I won't go there today.

    Jim Brown, Syracuse

  3. I'll guess Larry Csonka, Syracuse since the other guys went with JB.

  4. The correct answer is Jim Brown, Syracuse. He scored 43 goals in 10 games as a senior.

    No money, but doubleclicks to go Anon and Wayno.

  5. Jim Brown was also a great athlete when he was at Manhasset High School on Long Island in the early 1950s. He earned 13 letters playing football, lacrosse, baseball, basketball and running track. He averaged 38 points per game for the school basketball team, which was then a record.

    I have always thought that he was as dominating an athlete as anyone for their era.

    As a long time resident of Long Island I have always wondered why there isn't even an athletic field named after him in Manhasset.

  6. Because he is black and that area was not progressive at all until recently and even that is debateable.

  7. Well who wouldn't want to host Jim Brown at the ribbon cutting ceremony? I mean, he's so happy and congenial and all. And he LOVES white people.

    Lets face it. Jim Brown and "that area" were made for each other.