Monday, April 5, 2010

My Guy In D.C.

My good friend Larry Weisman of Redskins Blitz (oh, we only go back about four decades) was in the Redskins' locker room today, and did a piece on the player reaction to the Donovan McNabb trade. Obviously, there's some bias in that locker room, but it kind of goes along with my first entry.

The Redskins just got a lot tougher, and so did the road to the NFC East title. And I'm going to stick with that until circumstances prove otherwise.



  1. McNabb turns 34 this November. The Redskins did not get tougher. They got older. In a hurry.

    I'm not saying McNabb can't throw anymore. I'm just saying that he is now at an age when all of the cuts and bruises and breaks take a lot longer to heal than they used to. It won't take much to get him playing at 50% and it won't take that much more to land him on the DL.

  2. McNabb is still going to be able to throw the ball well and did not show that much aging last year. The thing that could hurt him is the weak OLine for the Skins. If Osi plays back to form, he could sack McNabb another 6 times and then we can all hail him as the best DE ever! (written with a lot of sarcasm).

    I don't know how this will all play out. 34 is not ancient, older for an NFL player, but if kept upright, McNabb's age won't really matter.