Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kenny And Deon

Kenny Phillips said he's right on track to participate in training camp after left knee microfracture surgery. But Deon Grant said that he, too, expects to start, or at least play a lot, even if Phillips makes a full recovery.

Here's some video with both men speaking about their respective situations.

First Phillips.


  1. Grant has a little 1 year deal. If KP gets back his game, he starts.

  2. VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO! Ern is back!

    Q: What is the best place to get Giants information and analysis?

    It's not too early for all of u to start twittering Hanlon to get a permanent spot on reporters rountable on Giants Gameday. One was too few considering the jokers that were regualarly on there. U got a Hanlon e-mail address Ern?

  3. a component stable of safeties will be a nice change from last year

  4. The way I understood it was that he was just saying that even if kenny does end up starting this year he still sees himself as being a starter next year i.e. for another team down the road.

  5. I like this guy, what is he supposed to say? No I don't think I am a starter? I hope he gives a lot of competition to the safety's and makes them better in the process.