Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Here's A Question

One of our commenters opined that the trade of Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the Dolphins will indirectly help the Giants on draft day. Basically, it's that the Broncos, drafting in the 11th spot, were likely going to take Alabama linebacking stud Rolando McClain. But now with Marshall gone and looking at a big hole at wide receiver, the Broncos would lean more toward Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant.

That, in turn, might leave McClain available for the Giants.

Sounds logical enough. But if McClain is such a stud, it would seem to me that somebody in the top-10 would grab him as a best available pick, anyway. I've had my doubts about McClain falling to the Giants from early-on, even though more than one mock draft has predicted exactly that.

Any opinions? Yeah, yeah, I know. Spiller, Spiller, Spiller.

Any OTHER opinions?



  1. Funny, I was actually thinking the same thing as I heard the news this morning.

    With no glaring holes at LB or WR (thanks to free agency), the Dolphins now have the luxury of drafting the best available DT (i.e. Dan Williams) to help sure up their run defense. Denver, at #11, could take Dez Bryant leaving only the Niners and Seahawks as threats. With the Seahawks having already used a high pick on a LB the year before, it would be safe to eliminate them as possible suitors for McClain. That would leave the Niners as the wild card which would be obviously intriguing to pair McClain with Patrick Willis. At the same time, the Niners could use the pick to select a CB (i.e. Joe Haden) or a RB (i.e. the board's favorite CJ Spiller) to complement Frank Gore.

    Whereas there may have been many doubts before, McClain may very well be available for the Giants selection.

  2. It does kind of help the Giants but with Dez Bryant's character issues you have to wonder if they want to get put themselves into that kind of situation.

  3. i want mcclain but will be nervous if he falls to the giants. elite lb's shouldnt last to the 15th pick

  4. Can we put to rest theidea that Spiller is a favourite here? i think we would all like to see him here, but most of us have other guys we'd like to see here equally as much and that really, its only Wayno who has a 'crisis' every time he thinks about him.

    Personally, i don't think that McDaniels will be too high on taking Bryant that high; why replace one headache with another? who knows though.

  5. I'm not sure Dez Bryant will be seen as a headache by an NFL team looking for an elite receiver. You can't be guilty of NCAA violations in the NFL. I think the Broncos grab him.

  6. If there is a run on OT's, then I think McClain will make it to 15.

  7. Ernie - stupid me! not the first time....I thought you were going to write the story from the angle of helping the Giants by; "keeping Marshall out of the NFC East". Heavy talk in the DC area had him going to the Skins and re-hooking up with Shannahan.

    I still think that the best available athlete left at 15 will be the Giants pick.

  8. I actually think the percentages went up for McClain falling to 15. He is a beast, but this is a super deep draft. He could be there. The Bronco's may look the Dez at that spot instead of McClain.

    It's a long 8 days left til draft. I'm sick of the speculation, let's just get it on.

    Chris B.

  9. The Dolphins are still gonna go defense with their 1st pick. It will be either Earl Thomas or Rolando Mclain, one or the other.

  10. I recently read that the NFL draft makes poker strategy and bluffing look like child's play.

    Reese is very smart. He picks the best athlete, because, in the long run, that is best for the team.

    McClain looks like a very good player, physically and mentally. He has one ailment, but it seems under control and may scare some teams. Usually he would go earlier, but the depth of the draft and the way other teams seem to be picking ahead make this more likely. Denver was scaring me, but they will now pick a receiver (their head coach is head strong and wouldn't have it any other way). It would be very very nice to get this player at 15 - it could very well be a game changer.

    Spiller will go much earlier. He is the only running back, and would make a popular choice by someone else. And the Giants do have a lot of depth - yes each of their four backs had serious injuries last year, but all played and all will recover nicely.

  11. "...elite lb's shouldnt last to the 15th pick"

    My feelings exactly... If McClain drops to the Giants, they should take him because they need help there, but don't expect the next LT or Carson.

  12. I don't share the same confidence in taking McClain if he is there at #15 as others do...questionable intelligence for immediately picking up the formations savvy, weight control, maybe even attitude. Its just less than stellar vibes about his future potential impact....more long term than short term. I thought that the Giants would this time reach (even move up) for an immediate impact player being close to returning to form as a playoff team. As a few have reported herein...there are several more days of probable trades and position needs and Draft slotting re-evaluation for most teams. Example, still a couple of teams, such as the Birds that need a MLB as do the Giants and the Birds have an extra #2 to shop and move up if they are interested in McClain. Seattle has two #1s. So has SF. I still like Spiller or a DL specimen. Tis good to speculate - even fun for some of us - and we all look forward to D-Day #1 to figure out all of the "intelligent" pre-draft choices and what ifs....the Giants brain trust actually executed.

  13. Terry, I'm actually not in favor of drafting McClain either, but its definitely not because of the reasons you cited. If anything, intelligence is actually one of McClain's main attribute. And I'm really not sure of what you mean by weight control. What concerns me is his technique to tackle. He's really not forceful and his ability to wrap up is far from stellar. This should be a red flag considering the Giants display of run defense last year (just very poor overall).

    Personally, I'd much rather a quick and forceful tackling style of player in the mold of Weatherspoon. Unfortunately, he's a little showy which may turn the Giants away, but his production cannot be overlooked.

  14. Here's my best guess of round 1
    1 Rams Bradford QB
    2 Lions McCoy DT
    3 Bucs Suh DT
    4 Redskins Okung OT
    5 Chiefs Williams OT
    6 Seahawks Bulaga OT
    7 Browns Berry S
    8 Raiders Campbell OT
    9 Bills Clausen QB
    10 Jaguars Morgan DE
    11 Broncos McClain ILB
    12 Dolphins Haden CB
    13 49rs Spiller RB
    14 Seahawks Bryant WR

    That leaves

    Dan Williams

    All of these guys have question marks about position, character or impact. If the Giants don't love any of them, I can see them trading down.