Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Public Service Draft Info

One of our commenters asked if the draft was still a free admission event. The answer is yes, it's still free. But this year there are procedures you have to follow to get into Radio City Music Hall for each of nights and days. Basically, you have to line up the day before to get a wristband and seating assignment.

As a public service, Ernie Palladino's Giants Beat proudly offers this link to make your attendance at the April 22-24 draft that much smoother. Oh, and Wayno, mentioning C.J. Spiller's name at the door won't get you in any quicker.



  1. C.J. Spiller.

    Say it ain't so Jerry. Say it ain't so!

    With the way our STs block on returns, he'd be on the DL by Halloween.

  2. SPILLER SPILLER SPILLER, DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT!!! I may explode before then! TMINUS 9 DAYS!!!!

  3. LOL Wayno....

    Why do you want Spiller so badly? He's not an every-down back is he? And we have Hixon who seems to be willing to get slaughtered on our returns. I'm curious to know why you value Spiller as a first rounder for the Giants.

    It wouldn't shock me to see an OT or DT here, or if Reese traded out of the pick altogether. Unless McClain is still on the board.

  4. I think Wayno secretly works for Spiller's agent. If anyone knows who Wayno really is, please make sure you remove all sharp objects and firearms from Wayno's home BEFORE the draft. If the Giants don't get Spiller or pass him by, it may prove too much for Wayno to handle.

  5. CJ Spiller was an every down Durable back on a bad team his whole college career and was clearly the most talented back going to the NFL. He isdynamic and a gamebreaker. Every time he touches the ball he can score and watching him play it was clear he is a top five pick. The gmen need help on d but also need a 3rd down/pr/kr and Spiller fits just that for now. Hixon needs to be replaced and this side of Tiki, the giants have never had as even close to as exciting a player as Spiller will be.

  6. Wayno makes his case for Spiller! But I'm afraid you're gonna be disappointed lad. I can't see Reese making that selection with the stable of backs he has right now and the needs he has on defense and o-line.

    If Spiller or one of the QBs is still on the board and McClain is off, I expect Reese to trade out of the pick and end up with 4 selections in the first 3 rounds this year, and 3 selections in the first two rounds next year.

    With his first two picks this year, he takes Weatherspoon and a huge DT/E or O-lineman.

  7. The Broncos trade of Marshall to the Dolphins may have substantially helped the Giants chances of landing Rolando McClain at #15. The Broncos may be inclined to take WR Dez Bryant at #11, instead of McClain as it is now a bigger need than LB.