Monday, April 12, 2010

Mikey's Got'em

Mikey G. from the Star-Ledger has a list of eight non-local prospects who are at Giants Stadium today. Take a look.

As you know, teams are allowed to bring in 30 non-local guys for visits. So figure that whoever they decide to visit with, they've got at least some level of legitimate interest in drafting. Just remember that who they don't bring in may be as important as who makes a trip. They never did visit with Aaron Ross back in '07, and he became their first-round pick.



  1. I like the list especially taking a chance on Bowman and Lee from Penn State. I have not seen Michael Johnson LB of North Alabama, I have seen Michael Johnson of OG of Alabama and he's a player.

    Sean Witherspoon has not been brought in and neither has the highly touted Spiller

  2. IMO there's an NFL level lineman out there in the late rounds of each draft. The Gmen have always done well at finding this person, some unnoticed kid with poor technique and raw ability. We took Beatty last season, and he might work out. We took Hatch a few seasons back and he didn't work out at all. I didn't see any Oline on this list.

  3. The Giants would be foolish to bring in Spiller. Reese is salivating and plotting how he can get a HOF RB on the roster. SPILLER SPILLER SPILLER!!! DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT!!!!

  4. I believe the Giants don't look at players they're interested in. So, maybe Spiller and Weatherspoon are two players they're targeting.

    They didn't look at Nicks or Kenny Phillips or Aaron Ross, so maybe that's the strategy they're using again this year.

    I know you hate it Ern, but I really do love the draft. What other sport can you have this much debate on something where the vast majority of the choices will fail.

    The NBA draft is good, but after the top 10 you rarely find a star player let alone a starter.

    Hey Ern, do you know, is it still free to attend the draft?