Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bradshaw's Feet

Here's a piece of video about running back Ahmad Bradshaw's health. He's back to doing just about everything after doctors cleaned out his left ankle and inserted screws into the stress fractures in both feet. It's nice he let the medics bone up on their carpentry skills during that operation in early January, when he essentially had three operations at the same time.

Additionally, Bradshaw said he's taking his rehab slowly. He just wants to make sure the bones heal perfectly so he can be ready for training camp. The screws were inserted more as a precautionary measure, as none of the stress fractures came close to breaking all the way through. But he's still experiencing some pain from the screws.

A lot of his problems last year were chalked up to his habit of running on the outside of his feet. But he said there's not much he can do about that.

"I'm so bow-legged when I run, it's tough to correct," Bradshaw said. "They say, 'Run on the inside of your feet,' but it's so natural for me to run on the outside. They can make me more comfortable with in-soles, and maybe having a more comfortable shoe. But they really can't do much."

I'll be back later with some of Jerry Reese's comments about the upcoming draft.



  1. Better not take it too slow there Ahmad, what with all the competition from BJ, Johnson, Ware, Andre and SPILLER!!!!!

  2. Wayno, I am getting worried, are you going to be okay if Spiller does not get drafted by the Giants?