Friday, April 23, 2010

Sliding Into Second

The second round starts in a little under four hours, and the Giants still don't have a middle linebacker. They pick 14th in this round due to the shifting of teams with 8-8 records.

As I said last night, I'm thinking Penn State's Sean Lee is going to be the pick if he's there, considering the Giants are believed to have high grades on him. And don't be surprised if they move up a few notches to get him. It's in the later rounds that Jerry Reese has made his trades in the past. But whatever you do, don't expect Osi Umenyiora to be part of the package. Reese -- and I do take him at his word on this -- said he's not trading Umenyiora.

Of course, there's also a good possibility the Giants won't go MLB in the second round. There's still a good defensive tackle out there in UCLA's Brian Price, and a small-school DT they looked intrigued with in William and Mary's Sean Lissemore. They could also grab a running back like Stanford's Toby Gerhart, or a blocking tight end. Or maybe an offensive lineman.

Don't think they'll go into the secondary or wide receiver or quarterback spots, however. But that's just me.



  1. Butler, Lee, or Brian Price, whoever is available and rated highest on our board.
    RB in round 3.

  2. I think I am the only one who likes Gerhart. Watched a couple Stanford games this year. The dude runs with a lot of power and seems faster than tested. Don't know if I would spend a pick on him over Lee, but that is my two cents. In addition to a MLB, I would like to see a blocking TE, OT, and DT before the draftis over.

  3. I watch 10 games of college football a year and pay attention to the highlights every 2 or 3 weeks. I saw Spiller, Florida, Texas, USC, ND and Bama and little else so really what do I know when we get to this round and beyond. But in the spirit of Peter King here are two things I think I think about the second round:

    1. Cody is a beast and looked great at the combine but instead got mocked form it. Last I checked the dominant run stuffers wish they got that big and had that sexy body. Go get him with the pick.

    2. I would like to wait until the next round to get Spikes. However, if Jerry drafts him 2 I will not curse it. He did not play that slow on the field and was always in on the play. Sideline to Sideline (Is that too much).


  4. You can add Jamar Chaney on the short list for inside linebackers, but just as how things quickly developed in the 1st round, it's really a wait and see approach. Like Reese mentioned, it's very hard to target specific players when you're selecting in the middle of the round.