Monday, April 26, 2010

Draft Viewership

Whether you liked the new draft format or not, apparently the television viewers of the land had no qualms with it. According to the NFL, the viewership went up to 45.4 million, from a record 39 million a year ago.



  1. Once they got to the mid rounds the talking heads couldn't or wouldn't shut up. They talked over the draft pick announcements and even cut to commercial while picks were being made. The coverage at that point was of absolutely NO use whatsoever because I had to go on line to get the picks.
    ESPN is awful.

  2. If the NFL and ESPN think that the spike up in viewers was due to the new format they might be in Fantasy Speculation. As Lou and Wayne have clearly stated.....mid to late rounds with way too much talking heads eating up the show ad nauseum and not even concentrating on the current picks moment of fame. Plus the graphics and data-streams were confusing and not in sequence with the current picks timing. Lastly, we were all somewhat "trapped" in the we almost had to stay with it. After the fourth pick I mowed the lawn.....Yawn-Yawn. They should stick to rounds 1-3 or 1-4 on one marathon day and skip the rest. As for all of the trades....mainly Belechick and his clone in Denver had over 1/3 of those.....if that is the future then many teams had better upgrade their gambling and Monte Carlo gaming to the "new paradigm" shift in the grand NFL Draft Theater. Were we witnessing History? Hmmmm.