Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Schedulizing

As one of our more astute commenters said, the Giants won't play their first divisional game until Game 7, that being the Monday night, Oct. 25 contest at Dallas. So, as one might imagine, playing all six divisional games in the final 10 weeks could well take its toll on that rebound Tom Coughlin's squad hopes to make in 2010.

It's tough enough playing in the NFC East when things are spread out from the beginning of the season. But having it all compressed will intensify matters. Adding to that, two of their four primetime contests -- against Dallas and Philadelphia on Sunday, Nov. 21, come in that span also. And we all know how the Giants traditionally struggle at night.

Still, it's going to make for a very interesting end to the season as the Giants face all three NFC East opponents over the final six weeks, winding up with the Redskins on Jan. 2.

How this late division schedule will affect the Giants is anybody's guess. It could work out well, allowing the Giants to get off to a running start against people like the Titans, Bears, not-so-easy Texans, and Lions. But we all know how the season started last season, too, so that's not a great indicator. Also consider that the Eagles will begin divisional play in Week 4, against the Redskins. And the Redskins and Cowboys actually open up against each other with an 8:20 p.m. game Sept. 12.

Their only consecutive stretch against divisional opponents comes on Nov. 14-21, when they host the Cowboys and travel to the Eagles.

The bye comes Week 8, right after Giants-Cowboys and placed ideally for momentum purposes. Not too early to minimize the curative aspects of an idle week, and not so late that they'll be staggering into it. They had the bye in Week 10 last season.

Oh, and for those planning to head out to sunny Green Bay for that Dec. 26 game, better plan the flight for Christmas Day. Just the NFL's gift to you.

The league ranked the schedule as the seventh-toughest, given their opponents' 135-120 mark.



  1. Opening against the Panthers suprises me. I thought it would be a division or historic rival. Seems like an odd decision to me.

  2. Thanks for compliment Ernie. Now if I can only convince my colleagues that even a quarter of my comments are astute in nature, I'd be running the company in no time.