Thursday, November 5, 2009

Simms On Eli

Eli Manning insists the plantar fascia problem in his right heel isn't impeding his throwing. But former Giants quarterback Phil Simms, in an interview with Sirius Radio's Chris Russo, begged to differ.

"...when you’re talking about throwers I don’t care who it is, when you talk about leg injuries, foot, knee, whatever, it’s going to affect you," Simms said. "I lived it. I know. And I don’t care what the Giants say on Eli, it’s got to be a problem.

"Think about it. It’s the pain. It’s not being able to do things the same way. You lose a little confidence. You can’t practice as much. I’ll be down there tomorrow watching them practice all day and doing everything. I’m sure I won’t find anything out about any of this I’m talking about but I’m just saying when you have something wrong with your foot there are a lot of problems that can come about because of it.”

Simms also said part of Manning's problems have to do with the Saints, Cardinals, and Eagles' propensity toward the blitz.

“They’ve played three teams that to say they are blitz happy is an understatement," Simms said. "And all three blitzed the Giants. The Giants didn’t handle any of them well and when you do that it just brings on more. Of course, the Chargers are not a blitzing team so that’ll be a good thing for the Giants this week."

Unless they've decided to BECOME a blitzing team this week, of course.

Anybody want to agree or disagree with Phil?



  1. i agree that could be an issue. How about the fact that Eli also has to score almost on every drive to keep his team in it. The pressure of compensating for a terrible defense has to take its toll along with a bad foot.

  2. I agree with Rick - Eli is hurting and has known since the 1st half of the Saints game that he's got to put up big points to allow for the Giants D hemmoraghing big plays. Eli looked great the first 4 weeks - since he's been missing throws high, becuase he can't plant his back foot and step into the throws as much. To his credit, Eli hasn't said a peep about how the plantar fasciatis and bad D have affected his game and mindset.

  3. I agree with all of the above. Granted he played the raiders and the chiefs but he also played against he "boys' and the redskins. He looked sharp in all those games making some great throws. You can't tell me his droppoff which has been so precipitous, could not be at all related to his foot!

    By the way Ernie love your blog! Please keep up the great work!!! Go Giants!!!

  4. A couple of things. First, the foot is probably a problem. However, he is doing way too much at the line. Why am I the only one seeing this? Eli looks like he is thinking way to much and not reacting.

    He can't be managing the game as much as he is. Simplify it for him. Stop the madness!!!

  5. Simms is as smart a football guy that's around and I totally buy what he's saying. The foot is definitely a problem. It's not in Eli's nature to complain. I like the fact that he's a tough kid, but it definitely hurts him PR-wise.

    Anonymous, you're not the only one seeing this...Collingsworth and Johnston made pointed reference to it during the last two games. In the past, O'Hara has given Eli a lot of credit for the success of the running game for his scheme-reads. Is he doing too much now? Maybe. What I'd like to see is more no-huddle. Manning has always operated great with a quicker rhythm. Of course, I'd also like to see more play-action, RB screens, and tight-end play but all of this is up to our OC. Little hope for change there.

  6. 10 Miles...I agree with your idea to run a no-huddle. I also think that the Giants should pull a page out of the Bill Walsh book and script the first 20 plays. What both things have in common is that is reduces the amount of adjustments and to a certain degree simplifies the offense.. By scripting the first 20 plays it also gives the offense a very clear plan of what to expect.

    It is clear, Eli plays better when he isn't in read and adjust mode. I think it would also simply things for our receivers as they can focus on running their routes cleanly, versus going to the line, listening to the audible as the snap count runs down, etc.

  7. It is certainly possible. Of course, it's also possible that Eli is the AJ Burnett of quarterbacks. Great one week. Lousy the next. If you look at his stats over the years, he has never put together an entire year of top flight performance.

    We'll always have the super bowl but Eli may just be a very inconsistent QB who grades out on average... well average.

  8. foot troubles aside, the thing that's hurting Eli most is the lack
    of an effective running game. run the ball well, and the other
    guys can't send extra guys, the safeties need to come up to
    support, and our WRs can finally get open. given the time, Eli
    can get it done. we just need to go back to what we do best.