Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All Banged Up, Again

Well, that injury list that had grown so short is up again, and the Giants may be missing several pieces come Sunday.

First and foremost will be the running backs position, where Ahmad Bradshaw is still suffering from two sprained ankles and a foot injury, and D.J. Ware is waiting out a concussion. Ware's issue is serious, considering the new regulations the league has instituted against concussions. It's very unlikely he'll receive clearance to play Sunday.

Which brings us to another issue. The Giants do have a roster opening with the IRing of Antonio Pierce. They may be trying to figure out how to use it, since they haven't filled it yet. Could be a running back, could be a linebacker, could be a safety. All three are good possibilities. But considering they may go with Jonathan Goff at starting MLB this week, they don't necessarily have to have a linebacker. So maybe it's a running back so they won't have to put the whole load on Brandon Jacobs and Gartrell Johnson's shoulders.

Then again, they may be without Michael Boley, too, since his wrenched back allowed him only limited work today. And Michael Johnson was out entirely at safety with a groin injury. So they're short there, too.

Eli Manning (foot) and Derek Hagan (hamstring) both worked, but Hagan was limited.



  1. No offense to Hagan, sit him this week and activate Barden!!! Can't hurt at this point. Nothing has been working since the loss to the Saints and the Giants need something. Maybe a lob to Barden in the end zone can provide a little spark. What's the word on picking up a RB, since all but Johnson are hurt or hurting? What FAs are available, in shape, and willing? I like the idea of Goff getting some good time on the field this your opinion, how do you think he will match up?

  2. ERnie,
    what makes you think they are going with Goff at MLB this weekend?
    I seem to recall that Sinorice Moss did some time at RB while at UMiami, would he be the third option?

  3. Ernie,

    If Ware is out and considering Bradshaw's ankles, do you think the Giants might sign someone like TJ Duckett or even Allen Patrick off of the Jacksonville practice squad? They are awfully thin at RB this week.