Thursday, December 3, 2009

Starting Off

Back here at Giants Stadium, and I'm going to start you off with some Eli and Boley video. Manning talks here about why it's entirely possible the Giants will beat the Cowboys Sunday.

And here's Boley talking about tight end Jason Witten, the pass-catcher Boley will undoubtedly run into. Witten has the league's fourth-most receptions among tight ends with 59, tying him with Antonio Gates of San Diego. Though he only has one touchdown, he's a playmaker.

The way the Giants' safeties and linebackers are playing their coverages these days (more like not playing coverages), Witten could play a huge part in this game.



  1. Yo Ern, Is boley gonna play? What is his status, How does he feel? If this is addressed in the video I apologize but can't presently open it up since my boss is in the room.

  2. Boley worked yesterday, and I'm expecting he'll play.

  3. I hope all this bravado is backed with some good play Sunday, but I think the Cowboys will whip the Giants...I really hope not but with the way the Giants have been playing chances are they might lay another stinker...sigh and I had high hopes this winter especially after their 12-4 season last year.

  4. 1138sw, love the name. I really hope you are wrong. Let's get some optimism, rattle off 5 straight, and that puts us at 11-5, with two victories over the cowboys, split with eagles, and sweep of the Skins. Depending on how these other teams do the rest of the season, that could sure win us the East. All is not lost yet, getting there, but not lost! And I am usually a fairly pessimistic dude. I mean, how many people counted us out during 2007? Not many thought we would beat Tampa!

    Go Big Blue!

  5. I think this week will tell us everything we need to know. I also hope 1138sw is wrong, but i totally understand the sentiment. Right now, its hard to picture the Giants playing 'Giant' football - its been so long since we've seen it. I would think they wouldn't want the 'Boys to win in their own stadium and there would be plenty of pride involved. Let's see what they show us.

  6. If I had to endure a season where the Giants only won two games, I would want both wins to be against Dallas. Ernie can't print what I think of Jerry Jones and the Cowboy fans make the Philly fans seem like cultured intellectuals. I hope NY can throw together one decent game before this season ends and send Jones home crying, but what discourages me the most is I'm not seeing any sign of heart and/or fire. It's like half this team is just going through the motions and cashing their very sizable checks. I have said it before, I would rather they lose every game giving it their all than to watch them lay down like they did against Denver. Someone should have been fired after that game! I can't watch another game where they just quit. Please, guys, if you have ANY respect for your fans, play this one with everything you got. And if Tuck should happen to get a little payback against Flozell, all the better.