Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Just Confirmed

The Giants did not sign either of the two kickers who tried out today, Graham Gano or Steve Hauschka. But they did put LB Kenny Ingram on the practice squad in place of S Anthony Scirrotto. So unless they pick somebody up tomorrow or, perhaps, elevate a defensive back like S Sha'reff Rashad from the practice squad, they'll face Dallas a man short on the 53.

Pre-Game Charity: The Giants, FedEx and New York Cares will host their 12th annual Coat Drive on Sunday, when the Giants host Dallas. Fans attending the game are invited to donate their gently worn coats, which will be distributed to those in need. Coats can be dropped off at the FedEx trucks parked at each stadium entrance.



  1. My dream arrived in the form of Graham Gano this time and I am more heartbroken now than any of the other kickers jettisonned after a look.

  2. Ernie,

    In your opinion, is Tynes as bad as we all make him to be or do you think he's worth keeping around.

    Personally, as bad as Elam has been this year....I'd even take him at this point. I'm guessing if there's a change it will be in the offseason anyway.

  3. They brought Mike Nugent in too! Sign him now!!!!!

  4. Guys, will you listen to yourselves. You want to bring in Elam!? The guy's missed nearly half his field goals this year. Tynes has missed five. Elam has missed seven and an extra point. Tynes - 23/28. Elam - 12/19.

    No his kickoffs aren't great, but you want them to sign anybody as long as it's not Tynes. And when this new guy can't make a field goal over 40 yards, but can reach the end zone are kickoffs will you be happy? If there was somebody out there who could do both you really don't think the Giants would have signed him?

    They had Bryant before, Carney before and both weren't the answer.

    And you know what - in defense of Tynes - the kickoff coverage is terrible. So even when he does get a decent kickoff it doesn't matter, the ball is returned to at least the 35 anyway. Remember Denver? He hit the endzone, but Denver still got the ball at the 40.

    Why don't we start focusing on all the places where the Giants are failing, instead of focusing on the one player who is perfectly average.

  5. Ernie,

    what are the disadvantages to signing someone from the practice squad? Why not elevate Vince Anderson or someone to make a complete 53 man squad? Is it just a money thing?