Thursday, December 3, 2009

No Help Yet

The Giants still haven't filled that roster spot left open by Antonio Pierce going on the IR. And at this point in the week, it appears it won't be filled by an outsider, if at all.

There's no rule, of course, that says a team MUST have a 53-man roster. They can go short. But I think it's more likely that, with Ahmad Bradshaw looking more like he's going to play and Michael Johnson looking less available, either DB Vince Anderson or S Sha'reff Rashad will be coming up from the practice squad. That would make things a lot easier -- and cheaper -- if they wanted to bring in a street free agent somewhere down the line.

Tom Coughlin wouldn't commit to any plan, however.

"There is thought for everyone; yeah, there is thought for everything," he said. "We have to determine what the pressing need is first. So we’ll see about that. But, sure, there is all kinds of work being done on the best available at different spots – on the outside as well as what we have in here."

Asked how hard it would be to bring in a veteran this late in the week, Coughlin said, "It'd be difficult for anybody. Depending on the number of years he's had in the league, a guy can pick up and do a few things if he's in shape and he's been in the league for a while."

Remember, too, that D.J. Johnson is a standing option. He's been inactive in the two games since he was picked up off Denver's practice squad, but he can play safety as well as corner.


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