Thursday, December 3, 2009

Shotgun Or Center

Thought you might like to hear offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride's explanation of why the Giants have tried to run the ball out of the shotgun so much of late, and about his difficulty in simply commiting to the run game.

It's no secret that Brandon Jacobs' 11 carries for 27 yards was a horror show last Thursday. But the issue of the ground game has been going on most of the season. The team hasn't rushed for a cumulative 100 yards in two games now, and things appear to be spiraling downward. Even the offensive linemen, once a physical, downhill-blocking group, appear frustrated.

Gilbride maintained it's just not that easy to keep handing the ball off to Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw, or whoever else might be back there. But at the same time, he knows he'd better find a way, lest this current pass-first team lets the season slip away because it can't control the clock and move the ball effectively against a Dallas defense that has held opponents to 102.7 rushing yards per game, ninth-best in the league.



  1. hey ep, not sure if this pov is shared by others, but i am thinking many more than i keep track of your blog via a mobile device and could use a bit more "text" to describe what is in the video when you post one. thanks and keep up the great work.

  2. Ernie, did Coughlin change his rule? I thought his staff was only available a couple times a year for interviews?

  3. On a defensive note - do you think these changes - Goff in, Osi out - will impact the Giants defense?

    Obviously the Giants are desperate for a win at this point and a loss effectively ends their season. How have the players been in practice this week? Has it been intense? Or are they just going through the motions as a team already defeated?