Thursday, April 1, 2010

Feagles Is Back

Punter Jeff Feagles took himself off the unrestricted market today and signed his contract with the Giants.

No surprise there. For one thing, there's never much of a market for any 44-year-old who is heading into his 23rd season. For another, Feagles truly likes being a Giant, so he wasn't actively looking to go anywhere else.

No details on the contract yet, but know this. The Giants did sign an Australian Rules player in Jy Bond, and Feagles will have to beat him out in training camp. Chances are, it'll work out that Bond is just an extra leg to protect Feagles from overuse. But it can't hurt Feagles to have that competition, either, considering his punting took a big nosedive last year from the pinpoint accurate sideline artist of recent yesteryear.

I'm a big Feagles fan, not just because of his punting, but because of the way he carries himself. Real classy guy. And I have a feeling he's still got something left in the old gas tank, even though that tank is attached to a Tin Lizzy. If 2010 proves as shaky as 2009, though, one can safely assume he's done. And I have a feeling he won't fight it, either.

We'll see.


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