Friday, April 2, 2010

Karma Is A...

Well, you know the rest. And so it is that only a few months after he tripped up Justin Tuck and wrecked the defensive end's shoulder, and later pushed that same Justin Tuck in the back to trigger a sideline melee, that the Cowboys are planning to send their left tackle Flozell Adams packing.

According to a report in the Dallas Morning News, this is Adams' final day as a Cowboy. They're looking to get younger at left tackle, and will probably give Doug Free every opportunity to win that job in training camp unless they find a starting quality free agent. And Adams? Well, his agent said he feels he's got a few good years left in him, so the Giants might well encounter him again in a different uniform.

Guess the Cowboys figured they'd reached the quota on having rules named after their players, three, with Adams being the latest. Either that, or they didn't want a guy who racked up $80,000 in fines for six incidents in 2009 alone.

Meanwhile, Tuck's still got a paycheck. Bet his heart just bleeds for Adams.



  1. Flozell is a clown. A dirt bag with no class. Can't say I'm sad to see him go.

    Chris B.

  2. "Holdell" Adams will probably be signed by the least Tuck won't have to deal with him twice a year.

  3. The Giants should sign Flozell Adams.

    Seriously. I know what you're all thinking, but it makes sense. We need depth on the line. Put him in at LT and move Diehl to guard and push Seubert to the bench and we're stronger. Or have him as a backup tackle for in case (or when) McKenzie pulls a groin.

    The Cowboys got weaker by cutting him. Put aside your anger and hate and realize this: The Giants would be better with him.

  4. No!!!! they are not better with him. He is a lazy O-Lineman...that is why he gets so many penalties. It has nothing to do with our not liking him...he was way overrated, in my opinion.

  5. Sign a left tackle that racked up $80,000 in fines and is probably just one more bad play from a suspension? And let's not forget the penalties called against him during games. Forget it we don't need a player like him.