Friday, April 2, 2010

Rackers Free

The Jets' former kicker and former Giant Jay Feely just signed on with the Cardinals, which means the steady Neil Rackers is out of a job.

With the understanding that the Giants already have to kickers on the roster in Lawrence Tynes and Sam Swank, wonder if it might be worth it to bring in Rackers for a look. It probably won't happen, especially since he's got better options in kicker-hungry Dallas, Washington, Baltimore, Cincinnati, and Atlanta.

Still, he did hit 16 of 17 field goals last year to lead the league with a .941 percentage. And he did have 14 touchbacks, which finished in the middle of the pack. Might be a one-stop shopping option rather than keeping Tynes for field goals and trying out Swank on kickoffs.

Just a thought. You?



  1. Being a Huskers fan, I hope we just get by with kicking this year and go after Alex Henrey, who is a punter AND place kicker for Nebraska. Then all we would need is a kickoff specialist.

  2. That's a pretty interesting idea. The only problem is...if he gets injured, you lose your kicker AND punter. Now you've got to carry an extra punter and kicker in case he goes down.