Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Solution

We know that Arizona's Karlos Dansby will probably hit the open market and automatically become a possible solution to replacing just-cut veteran middle linebacker Antonio Pierce. We also know that Jonathan Goff and Chase Blackburn are possibilites, as is a high-round draft pick.

What we haven't explored is a trade scenario. With a diluted free agent pool expected for March 5, it's anticipated that more teams will go the trade route this year than at any time in recent memory.

So I'm asking you, of all the middle linebackers who are not free agents, who would you like to see in a Giants' uniform next season? And what would you be willing to give up for him? Is having a veteran MLB worth shipping off a No. 1, or is something like a 2 and a 5 more appropriate? Would you give up a veteran from another position for him?

Talk to me, people!



  1. A lot of knuckleheads on this board still think Osi can play at a pro bowl level illustrating that there is a trade market. He could fetch one but I'm pretty sure this is a moot point. Reese loves Dansby, Dansby loves $$ and he will be the starting MLB at a very high salary for better or worse. Free agency rarely works out the way everybody expects. Let's hope this works out and I think Goff should be groomed to play either MLB or strong side because there is talent and upside there.

  2. Wayno02424 - how to make friends and influence people! Nice.

    However, I due tend to agree with you more often than not. I would trade Osi too for a high pick or a package. However, I do understand those that follow the logic along the lines of low cost, second year after knee injury, previous Pro Bowler so keep him. My eyes didn't lie in 2009 - Osi has to drastically improve in 2010. I also don't beleive his trade value is high anyways. All that being said, I also believe that the Giants won't move Osi, no matter my opinion.

    Now on to the MLB. If I could, I like the guys in Tampa (Rudd), Houston (Reyes) and SF (Willis). What it takes to get them? No idea. I would package Goff and a pick or two (not in round one or two and in different years). Oh wait....and CC Brown, Rocky Bernard, Moss and Micheal Johnson! That's about all I would give up and I don't know if that gets it done.

    Chris B.

    Chris B.

  3. When you say give up a veteran you are no doubt talking about Osi. He's the only veteran with any value that's worth trading but not for another player like Dansby or even Gary Brackett ( who's most likely staying in Indy )and both are are close to 30 or will be by the time next season starts. I am also for keeping Osi for another year so he can prove himself, he is a competitor and his knee will no doubt feel better. I have heard people wanting to trade up in the draft to get a LB, McClain specifically. Save the future picks and just give up the #15, for an RFA (I think that's how the RFA deal works, not 100%). The one I have in mind is Kirk Morrison from the Raiders. 6'2" 240lbs 27 yrs old has had over 130 tackles in the last two years and has a combined 5 FF in that same time period. He also wont break the bank like a Dansby.

  4. people seem to forget that Osi suffered a very serious knee injury and even at the time most experts said that it woudl be 2 seasons before he woudl be anywhere near the player he was and yet after 1 we're alreayd hating on him for not playign well. go figure.

    anyway. i'm not a fan of either the trade or the FA option in terms of MLB. its the QB of the defence and like a regular QB i believe you should go through the draft to get a franchise bedrock.

  5. I don't understand the hate for Osi. Granted he was talking alot this year but if you were demoted in your job, having the first and only off year your career, you would be talking too. He's still a former pro bowler, who is young, who help bring us a Super Bowl and has a lot to prove the coming season. This trade talk is nonsense. I would understand if he was coming off a couple years of non productivity and a injury was not even involved. But Osi has not only been productive but helped carry us to a Super Bowl. In fact he still looked good right before the injury he had last season.

    Let's give him another year before we start ushering him out the door. If he sucks fine but to kick him out now is just plain ridiculous!

  6. If the Jets want Osi, I'll take David Harris, thank you.

  7. @ Wayno2424

    I don't know what knuckleheads you are talking about but this knucklehead does not know if Osi will return to form, but having him one more year to find out is reasonable for a guy coming off his type of knee injury.

    But if he does have a great year will you eat your words and issue an apology to all the knuckleheads out there and call yourself a knucklehead?

  8. Personally I don't hate Osi. However, I think there is a big gap between the player he thinks he is and the one that's on the field in 2009.

    It's just the easiest four yards in football in 2009 was running at Osi. People dismiss the fact that he also benefitted greatly from playing opposite Strahan all those years.

    I think his role is as a specialist. He obviously is very quick (have you ever seen him bull-rush anyone?) and is an asset on obvious passing downs. However, he wants to be a starter. If you start you have to play the run! Simple as that. His stats against the run were horrible this year, just horrible. He is a liability on running plays. Contrast that with Tuck and there is no contest. Tuck is in the mold of Strahan. He can do it all.

    Personally, I would love for him to prove me wrong. I hope his knee improves and he is able to perform next year and not be a locker room problem. I'm just not sure that's going to be the case. Osi has to either step up big or be happy with a specialist role. The ball is in his court. His media comments over the last few weeks leave a lot to be desired.

    Plus, do we lose a lot when Kiwi is in there versus Osi? I don't see it. If someone put the right trade details together I would pull the trigger if I'm Reese.

    Chris B.

  9. Guys, I think Dansby is too high priced and overrated. Watch the playoff game against Green Bay. The TE shredded Arizona, and more often than not, Dansby was the guy who couldn't cover him. Sound familiar? So, NY will now have an extremely expensive LB that can't cover the TE. That makes the Giants better how? Witten, Cooley, and Celek will be celebrating that signing!

  10. I actually agree with dweez on this one. Dansby is the experience you like at the position, but you'd have to give him a ton of money. Is he that good?

    Here are some stats: The guy's 28 years old, has never made the Pro Bowl or been named all-Pro, (something Osi has accomplished) and this is the only season he recorded over 100 tackles (101 to be exact).

    To me, that's not acceptable. He's going to want big-time money, but he's not a big-time player. I know someone posted this earlier, but I agree, let's take a look at a RFA. I know we would have to lose a pick, but depending on who it is, it may be worth it.

    I like the idea of Barrett Ruud from Tampa. And if people want to look at a chip to trade, the name that's been mentioned in the past has been Kiwi -- not Osi. But Reese has refused to trade Kiwi.

    What if we move Tuck inside and have Kiwi and Osi as the starting ends? Does that have any shot of working? And then maybe Alford and Canty rotating the other DT spot. Could that work?

  11. Dan,

    Tuck is much better at the end. He is too small to play inside on an every down basis. Plus at end he is most effective. Osi and Kiwi are too small to play inside as well.

    Refusing to trade Kiwi is smart. Again I ask - do we lose much whene Kiwi is in and Osi is not?

    Chris B.

  12. People keep mentioning that Osi benefitted so much from Strahan being on the other end. So what's the point? Doesn't Freeney benefit from Mathis being on the other end?

    And Chris B...I'm not sure we lose much when Kiwi is in for Osi, but I'm not sure we necessarily gain much either. I simply don't recall many impact plays from Kiwi.

    Back to the MLB...Willis is untouchable, Dansby wants something like $8 million per year which would make him the highest paid defensive player on the team pissing just about everyone off, and a trade would more than likely be too costly.

    I see no other true option besides finally using a draft pick on a good linebacker which would go against the Giants recent trend of drafting.

  13. there is one other option. wait out texans offer to ryans, and if it seems doable, pounce on it. a 1st rounder is well worth the price for this kid. he's only 25, and will fill the void of a speedy MIKE, quite nicely. we'll need that if we plan to play a hybrid tampa2 coverage.