Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Free O-Line

As we all noticed the past season, the Giants' offensive line is becoming a tad, shall we say, long in the tooth. David Diehl, Rich Seubert, Shaun O'Hara, Chris Snee, and Kareem McKenzie have had a great run together, but it may now be time for some restructuring.

Keeping in mind that the Giants will likely tender backup guard Kevin Boothe, a potential starter, and they should be set to insert second-rounder Will Beatty at one of the starting tackle slots, here's a look at some free agents who might help out come March 5.

BOBBIE WILLIAMS: He's old at 33, but if the Giants want a seasoned guard to push Rich Seubert into a backup position, the Bengal might be worth a look. Run-blocking is his forte, which is something Brandon Jacobs certainly would welcome. The Bengals probably will make a big push to keep him, though.

LOGAN MANKINS: Good left tackle for the Patriots, who will probably lock him up as a restricted free agent absent a CBA. He's started all 80 games of his five-year career, and might look awfully nice next to David Diehl if they wanted to move the left tackle starter to his natural guard position. Not likely that he'll hit the open market, though, as he's stated he'd like to stay in New England.

JAMMAL BROWN: He's coming off the IR after hip and hernia surgery. The 29-year-old Saint could be available in a trade, as he'll be a restricted free agent. A former Pro Bowler, he could take over at left tackle.

WILLIE COLON: Beatty's more natural position is at left tackle, so if the Giants wanted to flip him, this 27-year-old Steeler might be the guy to facilitate the move. He's a natural right tackle and an outstanding pass blocker. He did an acceptable job in the run-blocking department, but will have to improve to make it worth the draft picks to pry away the restricted player.

CORNELL GREEN: The 34-year-old Raider will be out there, but who knows how much left he has in the tank. Might make for a reasonably-priced backup tackle.

MIKE GANDY: The Cardinals' 31-year-old started 12 games at left tackle this year before hernia surgery put him on IR late in the season. Before that, he'd started every game the previous four seasons. Pretty consistent run blocker, and he's played three of the five line spots, including both guard spots. Might make for a nice all-around backup.

My guess is they'll keep Boothe around, and possibly restricted tackle Guy Whimper, and draft for depth in later rounds, since Adam Koets is no closer to being a starter than the day he was drafted.


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  1. can't say that thats an impressive group there EP. theyre all over 30 and Mankins has been average at best since, well, since SB 42.