Saturday, February 27, 2010

More From Reese

Mikey put out a pretty comprehensive report on what Jerry Reese said at his NFL Combine press conference, so give it a read.

But one of the more interesting things said outside of free agency was the idea that Will Beatty could be thrown into a head-to-head battle with David Diehl for the left tackle spot. We all know that Beatty's natural position is left tackle, even though he did a solid job starting at right tackle during Kareem McKenzie's injuries. And it's likely the line will go into a bit of a transitonal phase, perhaps with Rich Seubert and McKenzie making way for new blood.

The left tackle competition would make part of that easier, since Reese feels Beatty is tough enough to handle the spot. And Diehl, more natural at guard, could seamlessly slide over to Seubert's LG spot. That would leave only right tackle to deal with, and that, Reese hinted, could be filled with an outside body (my guess is Guy Whimper or Adam Koets just won't get the job done).

Reese also said he's had some contract talks with unrestricted backup quarterback David Carr and would like him back. Whether Carr would agree to a new deal before testing the open market remains to be seen.



  1. Go Canada!!!!!

    13 Golds Baby! If we beat the US in hockey tomorrow we set the all-time record for most golds won at a Winter Olympic Games!

    Oh, ya.....let's get some new blood on the line. I like it. I like Carr as a back-up as well, although I won't be suprised to see him leave.

  2. I'm an Osi fan but if he really is unhappy I could see the Giants trading him, as they did with Shockey. My guess would be to the Rams or Raiders, maybe for a #2 and a #4-5 pick.

  3. Well, that's kind of the problem. After last season, no one in their right mind would give up those picks to take on his contract.

    We're probably stuck with him until he showcases significantly better than his performance last season.