Friday, February 12, 2010

Dansby On Sirius

Karlos Dansby said on Sirius Radio that if the Giants are interested in him, he's interested in the Giants.

Mildly good news there. But it really looks like Dansby's ready to sell himself to the highest bidder. And there could be a few. He said he'd also be interested in going to San Diego, Miami, or Washington.

Also, don't count out his current team, Arizona, just yet. The Cardinals haven't made him any offers yet. But with three weeks to go before free agency starts March 5, anything can happen.



  1. My sources(ok they are really not what u would call reliable sources) say that Reese loves this guy. Look for him to join theGMEN next year.

  2. Does he love the Giants or the Benjamin's? Will the G-Men have to be the highet bidder?

  3. In a perfect NY Giants world, Snyder blows open the bank to get Dansby and the Skins cut Fletcher. Ridiculous scenario, I know, but we've come to expect the idiotic from Snyder. Giants get Fletcher and draft a LB that can learn from one of the best. Meanwhile, Dansby under performs in the NFC East (he will get toasted by the TEs, mark my words) and his bloated salary reeks havoc on the Skins. Hey, I can dream, can't I? On a serious note, let's remember Dansby has been playing in a 3-4 defense. Some guys can make the switch from one system to another and some can't. Is it worth $10 million plus to find out?

  4. Maybe some of you guys know more about Dansby than I do, but I don't see why the Giants would offer him a lot of money. I look at his numbers and he seems to be exclusively a run stopper. Hardly any sacks or interceptions. I know we need to upgrade at linebacker, but I'd like to see us get a more versatile player than what Dansby looks like. He pretty much looks like Michael Boley to me.
    Help me out here.