Sunday, February 28, 2010

Settle In

Not a whole lot expected today out of Indianapolis that is directly Giants related. Typical measuring, prodding, and such. Quarterbacks haven't looked good, but the Giants aren't looking for one of those, anyway. And Rolando McClain of Alabama is grading out as the top linebacker, but he won't be available unless the Giants make a huge trade up from No. 15.

So take today off, sit back, and enjoy the Canada-US gold medal hockey game. Should be a good one, though I have a feeling Canada's going to put it all together. Hard to beat a hosting favorite twice in the same building.



  1. Nice to see you're a hockey fan Ernie!

    Great game of hockey. Canada, in the end, was a better team. The US had a better goalie. As close as it was the better team won and Canadians everywhere are rejoicing. It is a religion for Canadians, believe me.

    The US wins the most medals ever at an Olympics and the Canadians win the most gold medals ever. All in all a great two weeks!

  2. I agree with anonymous here, but the OT rule about 4 on 4 seemed a little crazy. At least it wasn't decided by a shootout.

  3. mayock rated thomas above berry