Friday, February 12, 2010

Decision Coming

The Giants' training camp agreement with the University at Albany expired last year. But my guy, Ralph, reports that the team could be headed up there again.

Co-owner John Mara met recently with New York senator Charles Schumer and indicated he'd was nearing a decision. Conversations have centered around the school's balking at the Giants' use of their artificial turf fields during inclement weather.

Schumer, meanwhile, has been trying to impress upon Mara the benefits of holding training camp up there for a 15th season.

"Holding the training camp in Albany is good for both the Giants’ morale and cohesion and the local economy," Schumer said in a statement released from his office. "What’s more, the training camp has become one of the favorite ways for Capital Region families to spend a summer day and, quite frankly, it is the Giants’ last physical link to New York State."

I'll admit to being selfish here, but I've always hated spending August in Albany. Nothing against the facilities -- they're outstanding -- but I didn't like being away from home that long. And now that the Giants have ample fields, including a full-sized field house that will shield them from the rain and allow the practice schedule to proceed uninterrupted, and plenty of locker room space, I'd have hoped they'd at least shorten their time away.

That may still happen. I'd say a week to 10 days would be ideal if they wanted to keep their Albany connection alive.

Does anyone here ever make the trip upstate for camp? What have your experiences been like?



  1. Can we keep anything in NEW YORK!!Good Lord..Enough with Jersey getting everything Giants and Jets...The Least they can do is still train in NY..Shouldnt even be a question..

  2. I go up there every year with my son - we are from Massachusetts - and meet with a college friend and his son - he's from Pennsylvania, each year (we are both Albany alumni). We have a great day, and have been doing it for 7 years (actually, he did it a couple of years before we both met up there). At least one of us stay overnight. We will go next year to the Giants summer camp, but it won't be the same if its not in Albany.

    And I add, I really believe there is an element of teamship that would be missing if they go to NJ.

  3. YES.. I go to ALBANY EVERY YEAR FOR THE LAST 12-14 YEARS (I ONLY MISSED THE FIRST FEW YEAR THERE). gIVEN THAT I live in northern New England, it is a nice ride over there.

    Yes, as a NY bred fan, please keep something in NY.


  4. For those of us Giants fans who actually live near Albany, training camp is a delight. Ernie, you get them up close the rest of the year. I think you can spare them for a few weeks.