Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Looks like the poll went pretty well yesterday, but the comments were even better. Lots of intelligent conversation, great suggestions, and no attacks on anybody's level of education, ancestry, or the like. That's exactly what we're shooting for here. So, kudos to all.

I did find the results quite interesting. When I posted the poll, I went in thinking that middle linebacker should be a primary focus of free agency. But by a slight plurality, you guys thought it was only moderately important. Of the 124 voters, 59 (47 percent) went with that option, while 55 (44 percent) thought it was an urgent matter. Only 10 voters, or eight percent, considered the position utterly unimportant.

Loved the discussion on the possibility of packaging Goff and some draft picks to get a guy like DeMeco Ryans, and the idea of drafting for someone like Penn State's Sean Lee in the second or third round. Shows a lot of insight out there.

We'll do a few more polls as free agency progresses and the draft draws near. In the meantime, keep reading.


It appears that 61-year-old former quarterbacks coach Chris Palmer is going to have quite a job in the UFL. Not only will he coach the Hartford Sentinels, but he's also going to be the team's general manager. Should be good experience for a guy who wants to get back to the upper rungs of NFL coaching.

The UFL formally introduced him today in a press conference in Hartford.



  1. In the UFL Palmer will be INVISIBLE. Where do they even play?? Uconn's stadium in East Hartford?? haahha UFL hahahaha UFL hahahahha

  2. Laugh now, as the UFL might take off...if no CBA can be completed. No NFL in 2011, what are FOX and CBS going to broadcast? College football on Saturdays, which will leave a football void on Sundays. I appreciate your lack of enthusiasm for the UFL, but it has now lasted longer than the XFL and could outlast the USFL.

    Personally, I think it would be cool to have a minor leagues in football. Each NFL team can get a "farm" team from the UFL. Watch as guys play their hearts out to try and make a squad for the fall. If marketed correctly, could really work.

  3. No it won't. A product inferior to the NFL will never work. There is only interest in High School, College, and NFL. Look what happened to Hofstra's program which was pretty good. NOBODY WENT. And that was good college football not some minor league. At least Arena had a schtick and tried to be different. Why do I want to watch a bunch of failed prospects?

  4. Ernie,
    What do you think it would take to pry Ryans away from the Texans?

  5. Interesting poll, EP!

    The MLB position, in my opinion, is as equally important as any other position of need, and just as any other position of need, the Giants lack playmakers. There were absolutely none at the LB position last year and 1 at Safety prior to going down with an injury. Now that the skill positions on offense are more or less set, the focus now needs to shift to defense. It's been far too long since the Giants added a noteworthy LB via draft pick.

  6. the thing for me EP is this; why spend a lot of money on a FA guy to anchor the D for a few years, when you can draft a guy who will do it for a decade or so? why spend a lot of picks for a guy liek Ryans (who, don't get me wrong, is a fantastic player)when this years draft is so deep and we have a lot of positions of need?

  7. why would anyone think that ryans is available? I think the texans are loading up for a run at the playoffs, i dont see them selling. What we really need to do is find out which LB they like the most, and then draft him? cushing and ryans is one great lb core

  8. i agree Scott, which is why i think it woudl take a LOT of draft picks to pry him away. no way do i give him away if i'm the texans. by the time i'd been offered enough to think about it, it would be too much for the Giants to give away. draft our own guy and a few more besides.

  9. I agree with you guys. I think we draft safety and linebacker in the first 2 rounds. Whichever has better value in each round.

  10. Draft Central: let's go ern, who's out there?