Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How Valuable

Interesting note regarding the news that Oakland will franchise DT Richard Seymour: The top five free agent defensive tackles -- New England's Vince Wilfork, San Fran's Aubrayo Franklin, Pittsburgh's Casey Hampton, Green Bay's Ryan Pickett, and Seymour -- all either have been or are expected to get the franchise tag. That means, if worse comes to worse, they'll get the greater sum between the $7.003 million tender or 120 percent of their salary.

Tell me teams don't covet a competent guy who can plug up the run and add a little pass rush up the middle. But even at that, they're still a relative bargain. Only safeties ($6.455 million), tight ends ($5.908 million), and kickers and punters ($2.814 million) are awarded lesser tenders.



  1. Hot Dynamo Ernie is FIRING TODAY!!!!!!!

  2. Ernie - You should think about having a "contact me" link on your blog. Occasionally, stuff comes up that you may not have heard about (you can't watch TV, scour the internet, and read the papers 24/7) and this way your readers can tip you off that something is going down. The Dolphins are making some noise about Dansby (ahhh, tampering! The GM's favorite pastime!), so the Giants price just went up and if Miami has perfected tampering like the Skins have (signing Haynesworth for a multi-year deal minutes after he became available to talk to), NY has NO shot because Dansby is already signed - they just have to wait a couple of days to make it official.