Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Good Listen

My friends Patti Traina of Inside Football and Ed Valentine of Big Blue View will be conducting what will be the first of, hopefully, several live blog talk sessions Thursday at 8 p.m. on Blog Talk Radio. Here's the link. They'll be discussing the scouting combine and free agency, so it should be some pretty good listening. So tune in.


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  1. Just saw an article on Yahoo that the Jags are looking to trade down from the 10/11 spot for more draft picks. If they win the coin flip and pick ahead of Denver (who need LB help), I think it would be a good move to give our 1st and 3rd to move up and pick Rolando McClain. It seems like a lot to move up 5 spots, but based on the draft pick value chart this is what it will take.

    I don't like Dansby as a free agent signing and all of the other good young mlb are restricted FAs. I think this position needs to be filled via the draft. McClain is a good all around mlb who can cover in space as well as defend the run. I think this is the giants biggest need, and I am not excited about the other draft prospects being able to make an immediate impact.

    The giants can then pick a Safety in the 2nd round (maybe Nate Allen) and get Oline depth in 4th. Thoughts?