Friday, February 26, 2010


More tenders and, somewhat surprisingly, a non-tender.

The Giants will apparently let CB Kevin Dockery go into the open market, as they will not tender him. But they're going to tie up WR Derek Hagan, and WR Domenik Hixon was tendered at a second-round level. It is believed WR Sinorice Moss will also be tendered at his original draft spot, which was in the second round.

Kind of shows you how far Dockery has fallen. It would have cost the Giants nothing to tender him, as they could have pulled it at any time. It appears they just don't want him around after watching him fall from capable nickelback to barely active status last season.



  1. The coaches really hated him on a personal level. He was often criticized and this doesnt surprise me but.... are they really going to pay Sinorice Moss 1.5 m+ to be inactive????

  2. I think the question we all have for you Ernie is why the hell do they want Moss? 400 year old china in the hands of a two year old with a hammer breaks less frequently than Moss does. Why, at this late stage of his career, is ANYONE under the impression that Moss can contribute to a team for even a HALF of a season? I am as useful to the Giants as Moss is and I'm the first to admit that I have ZERO value to any NFL team. What a waste! He must pictures of the Maras or of Reese.

  3. not really a waste; the tender isn't guarantied money, we can still cut hima nd if anyone does wanna come in for him we get a second round pick for him. Bostin.

  4. Spacey! - anyone who offers a second rounder for Moss would be fired for gross incompetence. What has he ever done to merit a second rounder? I think you're dreaming if you think NY could get more than fifth rounder for him. He can't stay healthy, often doesn't hold onto the ball, can't play special teams, and is a marginal WR at best. NY grossly overpaid for the lesser brother. The guy has UFL written all over him. B-U-S-T.

  5. For the life of me I cannot understand the tender to Moss. What do they think they could possibly get for him? Last I checked a second round pick is worth more than the bag of donuts this guy would fetch.

    He should have been released with Dockery.

  6. Dweez, i didn't say anybody would offer that, i just said that seeing as the money is not guaranteed, it made sense to make the tender. there are stupid GMs out there (hello Crazy Al) and someone, maybe, just maybe, might go for him. now, listen carefully, coz heres the important bit; if nobody wants to go for him, there is nothing to stop us cutting him and we lose next to nothing. now really, where is the problem here?

    so, best case scenario; someone goes in for him and we get a second rounder. This is brilliant.
    worst case scenario, no-one goes in for him, we cut him and we lose nothing. excuse me if i'm not cutting my wrists here.

  7. Spacey! - If ANYONE, even Al, offers a second rounder for Moss, I'll happily buy you a six pack of your favorite beer (since you're overseas, I'll have to send you a check). He's an absolute bust and NO ONE will offer anything for him. Even a drunken idiot would not go higher than a fifth rounder. Why tie up a million and half during the time you bid on free agents (as few as there are this year) for a guy that adds nothing to your team? It's a wasted roster spot and he has no trade value at all.

  8. why draft Barden, if you're going to tender Moss and Hagan? Last years draft is looking more and more like another one of the ill conceived plans the Giants have had since Ernie Arcosi left. Poor choice on FA last year, poor choice for defensive coordinator, poor draft....3 for 3 on things GMs are supposed to be good at....

    ...any Travis Beckum news to share with us?