Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here's Something Interesting

The Giants don't really need a cornerback, given a depth chart that includes Corey Webster, Aaron Ross, Terrell Thomas, and Bruce Johnson, not to mention a restricted free agent in Kevin Dockery. But with Texans corner Dunta Robinson coming free -- Houston will not franchise him, nor will they negotiate before the March 5 opening of the free agent period -- would it be worth the big pricetag for the Giants to pick him up?

Robinson, a year out of ACL surgery, did not have the kind of season a top-flight cornerback should have, as he was vulnerable to the intermediate passes. But some feel that he could return to being one of the best cover guys in the league next season. The question is, do you guys think he's worth it?

Having a guy like Robinson might make it unnecessary for them to keep Dockery, since that would probably push one of the two starters from last season, Webster or Thomas, into the nickel package. Also, the Giants may well want to keep some flexibility with Ross, who played several games at safety before his hamstring problems ultimately ended his season.

I don't see the Giants going after Robinson, but the question does seem intriguing. And, let's face it, the good stuff at the NFL Scouting Combine doesn't happen until later in the week, so what else have we got to occupy us?

Idle hands are the devil's workshop. So get typing.



  1. I believe what the Giants really need are some immediate changes in their "strength and conditioning" staff members. Having the plethora of hamstring injuries (and other non-contact injuries) crippled the "out of position" scheme-less Defense that we all horribly witnessed. As they replaced the DC and DL coach already, why should they allow the "conditioning" team to be unaccountable??? THAT I think is a question worth shouting in the GM's direction! Having another IR-ridden season is simply unacceptable.

  2. If he can be a top flight CB next season, then pull the trigger for the right price. Anything would be an upgrade over Dockerty. Heck, my stapler would be more competitive at a DB spot. I wouldn't break the bank on a FA, coming off an ACL surgery (please see Osi), or any FA for that matter. We need youth and maybe a stop gap at some spots. Given the fact that anything would be an upgrade over Dockerty, can also be found in unsigned rookie FAs.

  3. all depends on the price really. as with everything. if hes there for the right amount (and the medical checks out) by all means, get him. but its not really urgent.

  4. If the price is right but let's focus on the draft and guys who are cheap only. Why did the Giants let Kawika Mitchell go and not pursue post-Oakland gibril for pittance?

  5. Totally not needed. Ross, Webster, Johnson and Thomas are sufficient.

    How soon do we forget that we no longer have a MLB? This is the only position we should concern ourselves with in FA.

    Ask yourself another question; if all the good FA def lineman get the franchise tag, why did we spend so much money on players that other teams didn't want to keep? The Canty and Bernard moves are going to haunt this team for the next two seasons.

    The other need is for a tall WR. Hixon, Moss and Hagan will not be tendered offers (definitely not Moss), maybe nobody picks them up but if someone does then we are left with the following: Manningham, Smith and Nicks.

    If Reese really wants to help this team, he should sign a WR: Clayton (Balt), Williams (Balt) or Sam Hurd (Dallas). All will come relatively cheap.

  6. Dunta Robinson, or any other corner, would be a far-fetched move. We all know that the weakness in the secondary, indeed one of the biggest weaknesses of the team, is at safety. ESPN is reporting a rumor that the Giants may be interested in Darren Sharper. Despite his age, that would be a big pickup. Sharper's savvy would add a lot to the defense if there is any gas left in the tank. What can you tell is about this possibility?