Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Real News

Looks like something rare is going on at the Super Bowl, and I don't mean an upgraded snack selection in the press room.

There's real news happening in South Florida. Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney's ankle sprain, which involves a totally-torn ligament on the outside of the joint, has rendered him questionable at best for Sunday's game.

In a week traditionally loaded with fluff -- no detail of a player's life is too small during Super Bowl week -- this will become an overriding story. Freeney, of course, is not just some rotation players. He's the Colts' best pass rusher, a member of the All-Decade team, and will be an invaluable part of keeping the prolific Saints quarterback Drew Brees off balance. Without him in the lineup, the Colts' other excellent pass rusher, Robert Mathis, will undoubtedly draw constant double-teams from an offensive line that already comes into the game fourth in the league in fewest sacks allowed and third in fewest hits on the quarterback.

Could change the whole tenor of the Super Bowl if he doesn't play, or even if he does. The Colts need him to be Dwight Freeney, not a half-speed version of him.

Interesting stuff.


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