Thursday, February 11, 2010

One Player's View

Here's what tight end Kevin Boss said on Twitter about the release of Antonio Pierce.

"Really sad to hear about Antonio Pierce being released," Boss said. "Nobody knows the game better then AP! Tremendous leader and football player. AP made me a better player going against him everyday in training camp. I learned a ton from him. He will certainly be missed!"



  1. Yes, he'll be missed by the opposition.
    Enough with the sappy "we'll miss Pierce" stuff. He has been an awful linebacker for two years. You miss players that perform at a high level to the end. Pierce has been a physically lazy out-of-shape bum for two years now. Time to move on. He cost us games.

  2. AP - this was beautiful. NFC Championship game in 07. One of the best plays you will ever seen a LB make.

    Chris B.

  3. Yes, that was a great play.

    The only problem with it is that it was made over THREE years ago.

  4. Jeez you know this guy helped get to the Superbowl you know. Let's be respectful of a guy who was a really good player who helped us get to the pormise land and who unfortunately declined in the last couple of years. I mean it's not like this guy was a complete idiot like Shockey or something...a loudmouth who often played injured and thought of himself as god's gift to football! And how many balls did this guy drop and cost us games! Now that was a moron!

  5. yeah i got nothing but love for AP. Still a move that needed to be made

  6. I would have had a lot more respect for AP if he wouldn't have stolen money the past two years. He heard the buzz from the Giants fans about his weight gain in the '08 season and responded by saying that when he showed up for camp in '09, "we were going to see a new AP".
    We saw the same AP as the '08 version.

  7. Get off your high horse about AP. The guy played his heart out for five years. Just because he declined as a player, like every athlete that has ever played professional sports, don't take away what he meant to this team.

    Stolen money? Are you serious? Then I guess we could say the same thing about David Tyree. You're a joke.

    What's with the bitterness. This franchise won you three Super Bowls -- and had two playoff runs that are arguably the best ever. And you're bitching that AP wasn't the same player he was in 07. Get over it.

  8. You're pretty brave with a keyboard in your hands.
    Look who's on the high horse, telling people what to think. If you want to love every Giants player, that's your little fantasy. I'm no joke--you're the one with the schoolgirl crush. I want value from every position on the field. AP gave us none for the past two seasons, whether you have 9 AP jerseys or not.